Night of the Starlets at Tribute Island!

Live gigs on Tribute IslandWe’ve received an update on our regular concert session on Tribute Island from Nikk Huet, the island’s manager:

Slight change of plans this evening. Ladies, it’s time for your close-up!

It’s now Night of the Starlets at Tribute Island in Second Life.

Unfortunately, Penelope Fullstop of Atomic Blondie was in touch with us yesterday to say Geoff (their lead guitarist) has health problems and can’t do the Marilyn Monroe gig tonight, to which Pen was particularly looking forward. They’d gone to the trouble of sorting loads of new stuff for this special show so alas it’s impossible to do it without him and Saffia and I started fishing around to find other arrangements.

So, in steps our good friend “The Duchess” and the outstanding folks at Radio Riel with a tribute of their own. Night of the starlets, 3 hours of DJ’d Hollywood music, at the backstage sets at Tribute Island[SLURL] from 1PM SLT, NOT at the bar as usual.

Come dress to impress directors and join us to celebrate those loverly ladies of Tinsel Town. Have an evening in that Oscar frock, wear those Anna Sten eyes, that Ida Lupino hat, fiddle with those sliders for those Doris Day curves, from Rita Hayworth to Marilyn Monroe … you get the gist!

Also, we have professional Second Life Marilyn, the loverly Miss. Sasha00 Laryukov of The Gauskov Entertainment Agency who is joining us to pose for pics (trust me, these people do the most amazing one-off shapes, skins, costumes, looks and attitudes you’ll see this side of Hollywood).

Gentleman, dress to dance with the ladies for tonight we’re nought but accessories to the likes of Jane Russell, Audrey Hepburn, Jane Mansfield and Louise Brooks.

I’m off into Second Life to ‘doll-up’ the backstage area for some serious dancing. See you there.


Tonight’s concert is one of the summer series of live music concerts that Prim Perfect, together with  Radio Riel, and Associated Northcliffe Digital (the online version of the Daily Mail and General Trust (DMGT), is presenting on Tribute Island, featuring the very best musical artists of the Second Life world, paying tribute to the artists who have inspired them.

Remaining Concerts:

September 5 – Night of the Starlets!

September 19 – Paisley Beebe’s Tribute to Ella Fitzgerald (see

October 3 – Louis Volare’s Tribute to Frank Sinatra (see

More about the concerts, the artists and those they are paying tribute to will appear here on the blog.

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