September Treasure Hunt – Clue 4: Elements in Design

Welcome to the Treasure Hunt for the September issue of Prim Perfect magazine.  Over the next few weeks, I will be taking you on adventures across the grid, searching for FOURTEEN items offered by some incredibly talented designers and store owners.  To complete the Treasure Hunt challenge, you need to visit each store that I profile, find the featured item, and discover its prim count.  Instructions on how to find the prim count of an item can be found either on page 92 of the magazine or on our Treasure Hunt Information Page.  For participating, you may win something wonderful by one of these designers from the Prim Perfect prize cabinet.

The next store in the treasure hunt has been featured here before, but it’s always a delight to visit Elements in Design. Gwen Carillon creates wonderfully detailed and intricately textured art, jewelry, and furniture.   Recently she appeared on an episode of Meta Makeover, redesigning the interior of a cafe on the Gossip Girls sims.  Many of her designs are now available in the store.  They looked beautiful on the broadcast, but they are even better in person.  The textures used on the chairs and benches are incredibly complex.  Even the solid golden fabric of the chair and ottoman seem to show signs of wear.  Although Gwen believes “Coffee is Life”, the tea drinker in me was delighted to see the Jasmine tea set on the floor near the fireplace.

Found in several spots around the store, this Crane & Butterfly Bench is the featured item for the treasure hunt.  The delicately arching frame that makes up the back of the bench looks like butterfly wings.  Walk around to the back of the bench and look at the three spheres along the body of the butterfly.  They seem to glow with rich gold and green colors.  The cushions of the bench can be customized to suit your decor.  Each of the firmly stuffed pillows and cushions can be changed to one of five colors with a click.  As you note its prim count, take a few minutes to sit and enjoy the bench while I take a look at our next destination.

To participate in the treasure hunt challenge, we ask you to find as many prim counts as you can for each of the magazine’s treasure hunt items.  Email the counts to along with your avatar name and the answer to the tiebreaker question which can be found on page 92 of the magazine.  The winner will be the person who is closest to an accurate prim count, and in the event of a tie, the tiebreaker question will be used. Your answers are due by October 6, 2008. Please remember – you don’t necessarily have to find every prim count to win a prize!  Have fun and keep watching these clues.

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Happy hunting!

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