Emelia Caerndow’s Visitant ~ A Haunting Tale

The courtyard at the castle on Caer Blanco
The courtyard at the castle on Caer Blanco

As I write this, I’m quite excited about the planning and activities already started for this haunting new event we have planned.  We have been given the opportunity to spend All Hallow’s Eve in the presence of real haunting and story.  Listen to the tale of Emelia Caerndow’s Visitant.

On an isolated, dark sim, shrouded in fog and deep rolling canyon, just beyond the mysterious ancient ruins a dark Victorian castle rises … seemingly abandoned, but teeming with restless, ghostly left-behinds.  Some are searching for loved ones long gone, while some others are out for revenge for forgotten evils.

The ruins at Caer Blanco
The ruins at Caer Blanco

Amongst this group of dark-tainted souls walks one alone … Emelia Caerndow.

The archives show Emelia was to become the bride of Sir Alestair Blanco, a well-to-do gentlemen from the highlands.  However, the archives also show … this event never takes place. No obituary is published, no hunt is made for a missing person; just a lonely headstone found on the Blanco estate gives rise to the rumors of foul play.

What story lies behind these strange events?  Will you be the one to discover it?

Inside Caer Blanco
Inside Caer Blanco

This castle will be open to the public for viewing and exploration starting Oct. 15 and running through Nov. 10 when the doors will be closed and the family attempts to resume their normal lives.  To commemorate this haunted excursion, we have invited SL’s best designers to donate items to a charity auction being held on the ground.  We will also bring out SL’s most engaging performers to share their music and stories of the season.

I’m going back to the Island now.  My camera equipment seems to keep disappearing each time I attempt to document the house and inhabitants.  Wish me luck!

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