SL London Hosts Its Own Fashion Week

Brie Janick Models for Gbberish
Brie Janick Models for Gbberish

Prim Perfect’s sim of the month for September, SL London, is currently hosting its own special Fashion Week. As Editor for Virtually London (Lite), I have been having a lovely time covering the different catwalk shows every evening.

As Debs Regent’s SL London is a mirror image of the real thing, it was decided to hold the virtual Fashion Week (naming it ‘SLLondon Fashion Week’) from Sunday 28 September, while the actual event in real life had taken place the week before. The SL show has been sponsored by The Evening Standard newspaper, Virtually London (Lite) and Platinum an ‘in world’ Fashion house. The venue is SL Kensington, W8 where a number of stalls have been set up for the designers to display their merchandise.

The catwalk shows are being held in the luxurious ‘Kensington’ building, and a better venue would be hard to find, the main hall is truly elegant with its black marble floor and art deco style interior. Debs and her London team had worked very hard organising the event and the sim was full to capacity with avatars on the first night. There were to be four 15 minute catwalk shows planned. The show was opened with singer Mapoo Little performing for the first hour. Mapoo gave a wonderful performance with her raunchy, sexy style and the audience loved her.

Then disaster struck for the London team, an invisible prim had been left on stage after Mapoo’s act had finished, and the team were unable to remove it because of the lag. They made the very brave decision to re-start the sim, having to announce to the audience that they would have to leave the region for a few minutes until it was restarted. Already buoyed up from Mapoo’s singing, the audience seemed to take it very well and teleported out as requested.

Well the show did go on, people came back and took their seats and great cheers went up as the first show started. First out were Platinum showing off their beautiful range of skins, followed by Terry Lightfoot’s wonderful Victorian costumes. After Terry’s show, top designer Leezu Baxter displayed her classy collection. Finally Kirk Claymore from KMADD Enterprises rounded off the evening announcing that the models from the MADD Agency (part of Kirk Claymore and Maddox DuPont’s empire) would take to the catwalk using their own clothes, which they had stylised themselves. The show had been electric and the incident with the invisible prim had not spoiled the evening at all.

I have enjoyed every show since that first night, watching how the professional models have been so good from the start and how the temporary models, who had never stepped onto a catwalk before, have blossomed over the period. The clothes, skins and shoes have been outstanding, and you can only wonder at such talent in SL. My only problem is that I haven’t got a ‘two page’ spread like The Evening Standard, I have to limit the amount of coverage each day and try to pick the best pictures to show these fantastic creations.

Debs Regent and her team can be very proud of this first ever SLLondon Fashion Week, as I have been proud to cover it for Virtually London (Lite).

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