Meta Makeover filming on LagNMoor: Tuesday 14th October

The ampitheatre on LagNMoor
The ampitheatre on LagNMoor

That’s right – we’re filming today at 2pm on the beautiful island of LagNMoor, owned by Maxwell Graf and Lyyric Fei of Rustica – and everyone is very welcome to join us in the ampitheatre there for the filming!

Instead of having our regular viewing party in the studio at Northpoint, this week we’ll be filming the whole show on lagNMoor – and having our viewing party there.

That will give everyone a chance to admire the beautiful setting – between the great castle of Rustica and the island that houses what is possibly the most beautiful house in Second Life – Arcana Neuvo.

Maxwell Grafs Errant cottage for Halloween
Maxwell Graf's Errant cottage for Halloween

And you can take a stroll around the island – and see the wonderful new prefabs that Max is creating – including the special Halloween cottage that he’s created especially for this show.

It’s a stunning piecce of work – which could have stepped out of Grimm’s Fairy Tales – and we’ll be exploring it throughly!

In addition, there’ll be a special free gift for everyone who attends the show.  And afterwards, there’ll be a chance to talk to the Meta Makeover team, and meet our designer too.

The show starts at 2pm SLT, but you should be there by 1.45pm to make sure of getting a seat.

One of the new LagNMoor Cottages
One of the new LagNMoor Cottages

We’ll see you there!


Would you like your home to feature on Meta Makeover? Send an email to us at with three or four pictures of your home attached, and stating your reasons why you would like a makeover. Every two weeks, we shall select one lucky owner from our postbag and invite them to be our next Meta Makeover!

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