Crash and Burn I: Ebbets Field

We’ve been running our series of case studies on how people have been using their Open Space sims, and how the decision to increase the prices will impact on them.  And we will be doing more posts like that – as people send in their stories to us.

But there’s another element, as people take their protests further, or even destroy their sims and walk away.  This is a darker story of Crash and Burn – the story of dreams destroyed.

Melody Regent, the owner of Regent Estates, has a total of 56 sims total and all but four are Open Space sims.  Among the rentals, Melody has created some that are designed as much for public use as for private residential and commercial use.  Others, like Venice (her first sim), New York NYC (home of the famed Twin Towers memorial), combine public and and commercial/residential use.

The destruction begins
Ebbets Field: The destruction begins

And, of course, one of the highlights of Regents Estates is the vast statue of Lady Liberty herself, standing on her own Open Space sim, which appeared on the cover of our January 2008 magazine.

Because Regent Estates also have several of these “pro bono” sims, devoted purely to serving residents needs and attracting visitors. One of these is, or rather was, Ebbets Field, the famed home of the Brooklyn Dodgers.

“That sim was never about earning money,” says Melody Regent, the owner of Regent Estates.  “We wanted have one of America’s most loved teams represented in SL.  Ebbets Field was all about that, right down to the final score board of the final Dodger’s game to the Flag flying over the entrance that only had 48 stars on it.”

But the changing in pricing meant that even this much-loved sim had to go.

Pulling down the bleachers
Ebbets Field: Pulling down the bleachers

“We have several here that do not make us money and actualy cost us hundreds,” explains Melody.  “But they are here for the people.  When Linden Lab raises rates, they take away from the people.”

So Melody made the sad decision that she needed to start restructuring, in line with the changed policy on OPen Space sim rates, and last weekend saw the destruction of the much-loved landmark.

Although some residents watched, many stayed away, finding the destruction of something they loved so much just too painful.

Unfortunately, it is likely that Ebbets Field will not be the last of the Regent Estate sims to go.  There is a recently introduced pure water sim for sailing – and that too faces annihilation.

So too does Lady Liberty herself.

Ebbets Field: Crashed

“Those are both also on the chopping block,” admits Melody.  “But we are going to try hard to keep them.”

To lose the Statue of Liberty will be a huge wrench for all concerned – residents, visitors, and not least Melody herself.

“Honesly, taking down The Lady will be the biggest tragedy in the Estate,” she says sadly.  “That was built under the old standards of low prim and low lag.  By raising the rate, Linden Lab are going to force me to lose something that  a great many in this world enjoy, and it will take away from the overall beauty of our City.”


Do you have a story to tell of an Open Space sim?  We are adding to our series of Case Studies as more stories come in to us.  We will also be covering more stories of protests and destruction of Open Space sims resulting from the changes in policy regarding Open Space sims.

If you want to share your story or pictures with our readers, contact


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