Second Lie joins the Prim Perfect team!

Second Lie Logo
Second Lie Logo

Over the months since Prim Perfect started, we’ve been fortunate enough to build up a great team of writers and commentators.  As well as our amazing in-house team, we have regular columns from Nika Dreamscape of Second Homes (on bargains for the discerning shopper), Gwen Carillon of the Content Creators Association (and so much more!) and Bailey Longstaff of Homestyle Consolidated.

Now we are joined by a new star writer, the much-famed and feted micro-blogger Second Lie, who has long caused deeply subversive amusement on Twitter.

Second Lie will be here to answer your problems regarding Second Life and the wider metaverse in unique style.  Just fill in the form here, and Second Lie will answer as many as possible, either in the magazine or here on the blog.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you all – and from Second Lie!


  1. E Komo Mai to Prim Perfect, Second Lie! While I like your logo, I’d be cautious with it. If the hand were my logo, I might be considering, at the very least, a cease and desist order. Not that I want to be in any way protective of Second Life or Linden Labs’ copyright/trademark right now. They don’t seem to care much about the residents’ rights and aspirations at the moment with their restrictive pricing policy changes — less for more! Looking forward to reading your posts! Mahalo & Maluhia (thanks & peace), Keo

  2. That drawing was made by my kid in school for Thanksgiving.

    They had the kids put their hands on paper and trace them out, then add feet, a beak, and a comb.

    Any resemblance to the Second life logo is purely coincidental, a freak of genetics.

    (And if you think that hand trace is bad, you should see his feet. The webbing makes them look like a World Of Warcraft logo when traced.)

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