The Grand Tour Redux

Flags of the communities of the First Grand Tour - taken by Wren Carling
Flags of the communities of the First Grand Tour - taken by Wren Carling

Did you read about the last Grand Tour in the Christmas issue of Prim Perfect (page 72)?

The Grand Tour was created last fall by a group of citizens who wanted to overcome the negative feelings generated by the change in open spaces.  The mission, as stated by founder Fogwoman Gray, founder: “To bring all our nations and groups together to demonstrate why we stay, and what is important.”

It was a celebration, beginning in the Realms of the Roses sims, and spreading through many Vintage and Steampunk sims into two days of creative and delightful fun.

Now the Grand Tour Planning Committee is pleased to announce the second Grand Tour on Saturday, February 14, 2009 beginning at 8:30 am Slt.

The tour has grown to 19 venues over 2 days and ranges in activites from Formal balls to “tiny” readings.Poppet McGimsie chairs The Grand Tour II.    Please contact Rose Springvale,, or Rose  Springvale or Poppet McGimsie in world for more information.

The complete schedule follows. All times are SLT



8:30 AM  —  Neufreistadt/ Alpine Meadow Ski party and apres ski with “The Professor”
Bring skis or you can get them here. The Professor will warm up the dance floor in the Old Bowl theater starting at 8:45, and you can tour the new exhibit “romantic” in the Monastery! Three events in one!
Hosted by: The Confederation of Democratic Sims, jamie Palisades, Chancellor, Rose Springvale, Public Information Officer

10:00 AM   — Wind in the Willows Listening Party
Come as a tiny!  Big People welcome.
Tinyville Library, Caledon Tanglewood
Hosted by:  J.J. Drinkwater

11:00 AM  — ValenTiny’s Day Ball in the Streets of TinyTown and at Fogwoman Grey and Vivito Volare’s Toad Hall estate
Come explore the Mole Hole, Toad Hall, Rat’s Boat Dock and Dance in the streets or in Miss Discovolante’s Chocolate Box Ballroom to the big sound of Radio Riel.  Tiny kissing booth, gifties, music and more.
Hosted by:  Martini Discovolante

12:00 PM  — Offerings to Aphrodite and  Inaugural Ball for the CDS sims.
Love life not what you want, or you are happy and want to keep it that way?  Better pay homage to the Goddess of Love!  DJ Skua Brown will play “Roman Valentine” music and we’ll honor our new CDS administration and Visiting Dignitaries.
Hosted by: The Confederation of Democratic Sims, jamie Palisades, Chancellor, Rose Springvale, Public Information Officer,

The Ballroom in Wunderbar photographed by Wren Carling
The Ballroom in Wunderbar photographed by Wren Carling

1:30 PM — Sweetheart Ball
Please come dance in our re-opened Grand Pavilion, situated on the water with beautiful views of our lovely Oneiros, DJed by Lorelei Saintlouis.
Hosted by: ha Tenk, Mar Mathy, Poppet McGimsie, Sheilah Flatley

2:30 PM —  Horseriding Love Token Trek on Artis Natur
Ride around Artis Natur. Hunt out small love tokens and spell a word for a small prize.  Free rental horses available, or bring your own.
Hosted by: sachi Vixen, Alicia Cyr, Freyja Nemeth

3:30 PM  — Love’s Blossom Ball
Dancing amongst the falling petals…prizes to be awarded every 15-20 minutes 🙂
Hosted by:  Fatima Ur

5:00 PM — Giverny Grand Opening
Music by Soliel Snook, Dancing, Treasure Hunt
Hosted by: Soliel Snook and Kaye Robbiani

6:30 — The 2009 A Valentine to Remember Ball
Music by the Amazing DJ Bats, Sponsored byHouse of RFryre, The Curious Seamstress, Hatpins
Hosted by: Breezy Carver, SKusting Dagger

9:00 PM  — “Jazz for Lovers” Dance
Romantic Jazz standards in honor of Valentine’s Day at Radio Riel’s new speakeasy venue in New Toulouse: La Sorciere Blanche, New Toulouse
Hosted by:  Gabrielle Riel

Coal Power Plant, Steeltopia
Coal Power Plant, Steeltopia

11:00 PM  — Steeltopia’s Coal Power Plant
Coal Fusion, Industrial and a variety of goth and electronics tunes will be placed, high energy.
Hosted by: SteelCobra Calamari


10:00 AM — “romantic”, a surprise exhibit at the Alpine Meadow Monastery
Guided tours of the Exhibit and the Monastery!
Hosted by: Arria Perreault, Ulysse Alexander

11:00 AM — Grand Ball dedicated to Venus
Dancing and food with a ROMAn flair
Hosted by: Melanippe Karas, Ludovik Cazenove, Angelia Rees, MajorMatt Matfield

12:00 PM — Raglanshire Valentines Weekend Concert & Party
With Live musician Dadreena Jewel performing classic standards followed by Wrap up of Valentines Weekend Party with DJ’ed music to dance and socialize too!
Hosted by: Zayn Till, Alolalani Heron, Karmagirl Avro

1:30 PM  — Valentine Blues with Clair Drival
Come meet who everyone’s been talking about – Clairede Dirval – a woman whose voice you will fall in love with… her beautiful voice sings to your heart and soul.  If you love Janice Joplin, Melissa Etheridge, Tracy Chapman and Cher, ~ you’ll fall in love with Clairede’s voice! Singing everyone’s favorites & her own songs on her Acoustic Guitar, she will spellbind you with her voice & range!
Hosted by: Becca Horsforth, Lizzo Dreamscape

The Nantucket Theatre in Edison
The Nantucket Theatre in Edison

3:00 PM — “Welcome to Edison” Dance
Late 19th Century/Early 20th Century music in a ballroom situated high over Edison Hypatia – The Panorama Pavillion Ballroom, Edison Hypatia
Hosted by:  Gabrielle Riel

4:00 PM  — Dance in Penzance
Sponsored by the First Church of Rosedale, featuring a live music performance by Kaklick Martin. (No dress code, and no dance cards)Location: by: Samantha Poindexter

5:30 PM — Gaslamp Elegance Formal Ball
Steelhead Hotel & Ballroom, Steelhead City
Hosted by: Annechen Lowey

7:00 – 8:30 PM  — Love Stinks Party:  A Post-Valentine’s Day Party
Sponsored by The Justice League Unlimited
Hosted by: Maverick Grunfeld, Samantha Lowell

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