Could YOU be a Prim Perfect Pathfinder?

Modern store for rent
Modern store for rent

Since we started Prim Perfect, our goal has always been to appeal to a broad audience. We have articles geared towards people new to Second Life, and articles for long-term residents as well. We also offer a service to established designers in Second Life, offering promotion and ensuring that their work is given exposure to a great audience.

Until now we haven’t really looked at a fourth group – those people who want to design and set up a business in Second Life, but who aren’t sure how they can do this most effectively.

Prim Perfect is starting an exciting project to mentor new designers from their first attempts at creation through to becoming successful entrepreneurs.

Medieval store for rent
Medieval store for rent

Over the coming year, our chosen pathfinders will be advised and mentored by some of the top designers in Second Life – as well as by other mentors who can advise on related aspects of creating a Second Life business.

We will be looking at ways in which they can create and improve their products – but we will also be looking at issues such as:

  • Online sales versus inworld sales – how do I maximise my impact?
  • Content theft – how do I protect myself?
  • Growing a brand identity
  • Where should I site my first store?
  • Third party sellers – is it worth licensing my products for sale through them?
  • How to make a store effective and enticing
  • Vendors – the do’s and don’t’s
  • And much more!

Arabian store for rent
Arabian store for rent

Our aim is to select THREE new designers, just starting out in the Second Life business world. We will then take them, in the course of the coming year, through a programme of mentoring sessions with some of Second Life’s top designers, marketing specialists and business people, who will advise them on a diverse range of issues, all essential to building a successful business here in Second Life.

Each of the Pathfinders will discuss their progress over the year, and the mentors too will explain the decisions and advice they give. It will, we believe, be a fascinating journey for our three Pathfinders – and also a valuable source of information for those who want to start up in business for themselves.

And even if you are not chosen as a Pathfinder, you can still send us your questions.  Our mentors will be committed to helping novice designers and will respond to as many questions as possible.

Our new series is the perfect learning tool for new designers and business owners – and we believe that the articles we will produce will be of interest to all our readers as they follow the accounts of our chosen new designers, struggling to set their businesses up and become profitable. Will they succeed? Only time – and Prim Perfect – will tell!

Tudor store for rent
Tudor store for rent

Will YOU be a Pathfinder in 2009?
Please note that we are NOT looking for fashion designers; our focus is on homes, furniture and gardens. We will consider unusual or niche businesses that might come under these categories – for example, pianos that may be used at home as well as in a club. We are very happy to mentor people who might be looking for a niche market – such as furry, elven, medieval, Victorian, futuristic, or who are intending to focus on only certain types of product – e.g. birdhouses for gardens.

To apply to become a Prim Perfect Pathfinder, send us the following information:

Your Name
Your Email
Your rezzday

The nature of your proposed business

Your current level of experience (i.e. have you sold online? In a store? How many products do you have?)

If chosen as a Prim Perfect Pathfinder, you must agree to work with the project for a full year, barring emergencies. We are making a serious commitment to this series and to your success; we ask a similar level of commitment from YOU.

Send your information to us by February 25th. Successful applicants will be interviewed and the three Prim Perfect Pathfinders will be announced in our March edition.

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