My Jaunt Through the All-Stars Home and Garden Expo

by Ceejay Writer

The All-Stars Home and Garden Expo is more than just another shopping excursion.  It is a chance to explore the creativity of some of Second Life’s premier designers.  It is a place to let your imagination get a bit of exercise as you plan what you need for your own dream home.  And even for those not in the market for a home or furnishings right now, there is certainly much enjoyment exploring the lush garden displays – many of which are elaborate enough to be an exploration destination all their own.

Prim Perfect Pavilion at the Expo
Prim Perfect Pavilion at the Expo

I started my tour, of course, at the Prim Perfect exhibit!  Just outside the door, Nika Dreamscape of “Wine and Roses” has a display of richly hued and curvaceous vases and tea lamps. Stepping inside the structure Dellybean North built (based on Jeremey Ryan’s design) to house Prim Perfect’s featured designers, the visitor is in for a treat.  Dellybean North of “True North Designs” shows off her fabulous four poster bed, while Kittie Munroe of “KitStar Designs” displays her fresh Japanese furnishings.  Jeannie Moonflower’s pretty Victorian “Bygone Days” designs captured my eye, as did Gospel Voom’s “Active Furniture by Gos”.  I enjoyed Esmee Isbell’s “Cherished” lush furnishings of another era.  A special display area features Prim Perfect’s ‘Pathfinders’: Aarcher Zenovka’s “AZ Emporium”,  Fiona Haworth’s “Prim Pads”, and Cinders Vale’s “Vale Gallery/Northwest”.

The Expo on Palladium
The Expo on Palladium

After admiring all the talented designers featured in the Prim Perfect display, I ventured out into the Expo at large. And it truly is large!  Four sims are packed with the best home and garden displays you’ll find anywhere on the grid.  Of course, with my love of the Victorian era and an appreciation for other historical eras, I had to seek out designers who catered to these eras.  And I found quite a few of them!

A fuller version of this article will appear in the next edition of The Primgraph. I urge you to go explore the Expo yourself.  Now, won’t it be fun to find out what exhibits spoke to me, and compare my finds with your own?  I’ll see you in the next Primgraph!

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