May 2009 Treasure Hunt – True North Designs

For the last clue in this treasure hunt, we travel to one of the stores which has participated since the very first treasure hunt – True North Designs.  Saffia Widdershins has admired and written about the glass and crystal offerings of Dellybean North since early in the history of this blog.  They can still be found to the right as you enter the home furnishings store.  The champagne tower so popular in early Meta Makeover episodes can be found there as well as this Crystal Orchid Punch Bowl Tray server.  It is about as old as Prim Perfect, but good crystal never goes out of style.

To complete the treasure hunt, we need to explore the store further, looking for the prim count of the Honey Pine Chair B.  The Honey Pine series includes a couch, two easy chairs, coffee table, side table, lamp, and carpet.  Both the chairs and sofa can change its upholstery to one of six colours with a touch to the back or side cushions.  A touch to the seat cushion cycles you through three casual poses.  It’s a light, casual, contemporary design as well as being affordable and reasonable in prim count.

This is the last clue in this issue’s Treasure Hunt and today is the due date for entries in the contest!  It’s not too late to drop by all the stores and grab those prim counts for a chance to win a month’s rent in a fully decorated Alpine cottage!  Instructions on how to submit your entry can be found in the Introduction post.  If you missed them, you can catch up on the other Treasure Hunt clues here –

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Good luck and enjoy the hunt!

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