The Fruit Islands – A Paradise Above and Below the Waves

I got a peek at a tropical island paradise when I was invited to a party at the Fruit Island estate. This estate, owned and managed by Dennis Lagan and Equinox Pinion, is large – over 100 sims.  Their goal was to develop one of the most beautiful estates on the grid zoned only for residential parcels and lush, natural landscaping. The islands seem to have at least as much water as land, and spare prims are reserved to allow sailing on the public waterways.

The covenant has very specific requirements for property owners, but in exchange, Dennis, Equinox, and Loretta String, Fruit Islands Helper, have given the residents and their guests access to an incredible variety of community spaces.  At the welcome center, there is a motor boat, a sail boat, and a hot air balloon for residents to use for exploring.   There are beaches with tiki huts and surfing, underwater caverns to explore, and secluded grottos and waterfalls waiting to be discovered.  There are bars, mini golf, and even an old jail with a sign saying ‘for residents who did not apply to covenant’.

The party I attended was to celebrate the opening of the Citrus Abyss.  It is a 4 sim long underwater abyss.  A small rocky island marks its start.  The island is just large enough to contain the chamber for a steampunk-style elevator.  Descending in that, you find yourself within Captain Nemo’s underwater library.  It was quite pleasant to sit in a comfy chair and peruse the books while fish swam past the glass walls.  A spacious airlock gives you access to the ocean outside.  If you didn’t bring your scuba gear, you could ride inside a smart submersible or climb on the back of a dolphin and head into the abyss.

It was a great adventure, and the party was well-attended.  It actually took me a few tries to get into the sim because of openspace occupancy limits.  The estate is developing their community, recently hiring Lizzo Dreamscape as Events Manager.  In her work at other estates, she brought live music,  DJs for dancing, scavenger hunts, public art, and storytelling.  She has plans to bring similar events to the Fruit Islands such as storytelling in a lush grotto, surrounded by waterfalls.

This is an amazing place – beautiful, lush, open, mysterious – and I know I saw only a small fraction.  For those lucky enough to live within the estate, there are many more areas to explore above and below the waves.

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