Join us today for the first ever Designing Worlds from an Open Source grid!

The Saltwater House
The Saltwater House - photo by Mr PJ Trenton

Join us today—Tuesday 1st September —for the viewing party for our show at 2pm SLT at our Designing Worlds studios on Northpoint.

This is the first show in our new season – and our first show where part of the broadcast comes from an Open Source grid. But it’s a rather unusual grid – it’s the ScienceSim, run by Intel, and our guest, Miss Shenlei Winkler, has been running some fascinating research there into the possibilities of building in virtual worlds constructed on the Second Life type platform.

What sort of experiments? Well … in our recent show featuring the talented team from The Loft – Colleen Desmoulins and Bethany Heart, we explored the new family home that they are creating together. At one point in the show we asked what we think of as the “money” question: “How many prims did you need to create this?”

The Loft team laughed. “If you need to ask that question,” they said, “you won’t be able to buy the house!”

So … prim-rich. But still … the region where they were building was richly and beautifully landscaped, and they had not one but three models of the house there. So … rich was probably around 3 – 4,000 prims.

Which means that, again and again, shortcuts must be found and compromises must be made. The wood board exterior walls are a texture on plain prims. So are the roof tiles – cunning shading gives the effect of 3D (and no-one does cunning shading better than The Loft). But … compromises. Making the best of limited resources.

But what if no compromises had to be made?

That was the challenge for Shenlei Winkler with her amazing Saltwater House on Chamomile in ScienceSim.

Forget about the 15,000 prim limit that *Second Life* imposes on a region. The work in Chamomile currently utilises over 130,000 prims … and it’s growing all the time!

If you look at the picture above … every board on those steps is a separate rpim board. And every step is secured in place by four nails – each consisting of two prims. You’ll see flower arrangements of over a thousand prims, and the jug below, containing separate cube of ice – and even prim pips in the lemon slices!

Lemon and Ice - in detail!
Lemon and Ice - in detail! - photo by Mr PJ Trenton

On the show, Shenlei will be joining us at the Designing Worlds studios on Northpoint to talk about her amazing work . As always, there’s a special gift for everyone who comes to the studio.

And as usual, there’s an exhibition to see in our Hall outside the studio – showing the work of designers who have featured in the series. And at the moment, you can still explore the remarkable Middle Passage Experience (as seen in our show on July 14th) outside the studio to the west.

The show starts at 2pm SLT, but you should be in our Northpoint studios by 1.30pm to make sure of getting a seat.

If you would like to read more about Shenlei and her work, there are two articles in the latest issue of Prim Perfect. The photos in this post were taken by Mr PJ Trenton.

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