Burning Life 2009 Wraps Up. Well, sorta.

Burning Life 2009 officially ended with the burning of The Man and The Temple over the course of two days this weekend past (unlike the RL burns, which can only happen once, there were three burns each to accommodate global time zones).

Burning Man 09 - The Man Burns

The burning of The Man was truly spectacular, with fire advancing in from an outer perimeter to close on and engulf the huge wooden structure. As it gradually collapsed into a smoldering pile, a spectacular fireworks display waxed as the inferno itself waned.

Burning Life 09 - Map Snaps

The Man and The Temple are located such that four sims can support close proximity viewing of the burns. It was a good idea to jump in an hour early to hold your spot, as each of these sims was filled. Regular announcements on ARC and script load reduction were a necessary pre-amble to the actual burns.

Burning Man 09 - Temple Burn

The Temple Burn was preceded by the Temple Censer shouting out the messages left in the temple. These messages ranged from philosophical quotes to whimsy, “Kilroy was here” equivalents to the touchingly penitent. Upon completion of the reading, the temple ignited, small fires in the wings spreading rapidly to swallow the temple and send the messages skyward in the smoke.

It’s Only Sorta Over.

While Burning Life is officially over and all events and performances have ceased, the builds will remain up for another week for viewing. If you found Burning Life to be a bit laggy, you’ll enjoy visiting the uncluttered sims now to see the wide variety of creative builds.

Burning Life 2009 was a wonderfully successful event. Congratulations to the organizing team and the army of volunteers who made it such a success.

For my part, I have a few new good friends and a thousand creative ideas inspired by the talent of the builders that truly made the art happen at Burning Life 2009.

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