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This week, we were back in the designing Worlds studio for a fascinating ahow all about the games that people play within Second Life – games like Tiny Empires, Bloodlines or the animal breeding games. You can now see the show on the web – here, and available in both standard and high quality on the Treet.tv archive website. And you can also download the show from the iTunes store (just search on Designing Worlds) to watch at your leisure. You can even put it on your iPod to carry around with you (or watch at the gym!).

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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We were joined on the show by three people who could tell us something about these games – by MoLoveMoFun Hammerer, who is deeply involved in the game of Tiny Empires – and indeed is Pharaoh of the Kingdom of Egypt within the game, by Jadebelgie Wylie who is a Clan Queen in the vampire game, Bloodlines, and by Candy Cerveau who is one of the people behind the latest and soon to be released animal breeding and rearing game – Ozimal’s bunnies.

All of them told us about the games that have captured their interests and enthusiasm – and we had some of the amazing bunnies joining us in the studio too!

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