Relay for Life Launches Today!

RFL logo 2010: Wishing on a Cure
RFL logo 2010: Wishing on a Cure

The 2010 Relay for Life in Second Life launches today, with a host of parties and celebrations around the grid!

The main Kick-Off Party will be held at 1pm SLT at the Patch Thibaud Auditorium

This fun and exciting celebration will feature guest speakers and live music performances by ScarlettLa Roux, Damian Carbenell and more! The entire event will be broadcast on air via the Official RFL of SL Radio Station, T1Radio (, so be sure your music controller is set to play!

People attending the event are asked to remove/detach ALL face lights, mysti-tools and AO’s, along with any other scripted item you might like to wear.  If you choose to wear hair, please make sure it is unscripted.

Those planning to attend can contact Nikki Mathieson to get a party favours box which has several head wear options to replace hair.  Another “let’s control the lag” suggestion is to wear pants or a system skirt instead of a flexi skirt.  Movement or rather, each party-goer SEEING that movement is a HUGE lag causer.

The Patch Thibaud Auditorium is a beautiful 4-sim structure built by Patch Thibaud.  It is owned and on loan to us by Frolic Mills of the Best of SL Boulevard.  The organisers have expressed sincere appreciation to Mr. Mills for his support of RFL of SL and this Kick-Off Party.

Patch Thibaud Auditorium
Patch Thibaud Auditorium

The SLURL for the lobby of the auditorium is

Other available landing points are:

Or if you’d like to listen to the kickoff from the ACS Island Auditorium, the SLURL is:

Finding Out About Events
This year, there are a new set of Event Boards which you should find across the grid.  Event boards were created to publicly display images of upcoming events that support RFL.  These will rotate the events they display and are different sizes showing between 1 and 9 forthcoming events simultaneously.

Clicking any image on the event board will provide a note card with information about the event, when it will be held, where it will be held, and who’s holding the event. With a possible 40 events per week over 16 weeks, the event boards will be able to cycle through a series of images. The American Cancer Society (ACS) logo or mission posters will also randomly appear on faces of the displayer. Click these images, and the viewer is taken to a web page for more information about ACS and RFL.

The new event boards were designed by Charlene Trudeau, RFL of SL design committee chair, and the board itself was conceived and created by Dwen Dooley, RFL of SL survivor/caregiver chair and himself a cancer survivor.

Relay for Life Event Boards
Relay for Life Event Boards

Distribution of the event boards directly to RFL of SL groups began on February 21. Displayers may be obtained by others in one of three ways. Go to any current displayer and click the banner on the top. Select “Get a Copy” from the menu, and a boxed kit of all 11 displayers will be sent. These kits are no transfer.  A free copy of the kit may also be found at ACS Island.

Xstreet SL lists the event board kit for L$1, which is distributed to ACS.

For more information about the event boards, e-mail Dwen Dooley at

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