A New Way to Reach the Steampunk and Vintage Markets!

Following the splendid success of the Valentine personals in the last issue, we’re initiating two new advertising sections in The Primgraph, specially geared toward new advertisers, smaller shops and individuals, & located in the pages towards the back of the magazine.

The first, our colourful Marketplace section, will be composed of display ads (you supply your own artwork) and will be available at three price points: Bronze, L$1750 (705 x 1580 pixels); Silver, L$2500 (1460 x 1580 pixels); and Gold, L$4000 (2220 x 1580 pixels), all at 300 dpi.

Our new Classifieds/Personals section will feature line ads (text only, boxed, or with a simple graphic). Ads up to 20 words are L$250; boxed ads are L$500; and boxed ads with graphic are L$1000.

Use our Classifieds to advertise your land, your business, your shop, your services, your opening, your event—at very affordable prices. Small businesses will now have a way to reach the constantly growing market of The Primgraph’s thousands of readers – inworld and on the web.

Classified Categories:
Land & Rentals
Home Furnishings
Garden & Landscape
Vehicles & Transport
Clothes & Jewellery
Weapons & Gadgetry
Arts & Culture
Events & Venues
Lonely Hearts

Individuals can list products or rentals, send messages to pals or paramours, announce or celebrate their own or other’s birthdays, rezdays, graduations, weddings or whatever special dates take their fancy. They can also leave clues or secret messages or look for that special someone!

To celebrate our first Classifieds publication, there will actually be a special treasure hunt, with clues hidden in this issue’s Classified ads! Watch The Primgraph’s aetheric weblog http://primgraph.blogspot.com/ for more details of that over the next two weeks!

If you want to place a Classified or Personal ad in The Primgraph, use this form: http://bit.ly/PrimgraphClassAds and then pay Elegia Underwood inworld. Please accompany payment with a notecard noting that you’ve paid & how much.

Also to book an ad in the Marketplace or request information, please contact Elegia inworld or by email at elegia.underwood@gmail.com.

Other advertising enquiries!
Want to learn more about advertising in The Primgraph? We can help you reach thousands of readers and viewers each month who could be looking for YOUR product or service. Contact me to get started!

Warm regards,

Saffia Widdershins
Editor in Chief
Prim Perfect Productions

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