Goodbye to Sagittaria – but with a gift for non-profits!

Polis in Sagittaria
Polis in Sagittaria

Sad news today of another long-term region closing, to add to the sadness of losing the pretty Victoriana sims.

This time it is the well-known Sagittaria estate, created by Bill Stirling.  We’ve featured Sagittaria on the Designing Worlds show, and in the past I’ve talked about great builds such as the Polis Observatory, and the amazing transport system in Sagittaria.  Of course Bill’s best known build was The Galaxy – the three sim long cruise liner which was sold about a year ago, but continues to be one of the best-loved locations on the grid.

Sagittaria - with its transport systems
Sagittaria - with its transport systems

However, Bill’s decision to sell has nothing to do with dis-satisfaction with Linden Lab, and more to do with a change in his personal circumstances.  In his farewell note, he says:

“Some of you may know that I was recently blessed with twins irl, a baby girl and boy. With 3 children in the family and a rl interior design business to operate, I finally realized and accepted the fact that I have no time and energy to continue improving and maintaining Sagittaria to its service quality and environmental standards as I have done since the founding of the estate in 2005. Therefore, I’ve decided to end Sagittaria Estate as we’ve come to know and love.”

Bill will not be disappearing entirely – he will be keeping four of the sims as full sim rentals, explaining that, “I can manage 4 renters but not 300!”  But Sagittaria with its beautiful building with their pure style lines, and the amazing monorail system, will be gone.  “I only feel bad for the residents of the community,” he says sadly.  “They have been “spoiled” by me in so many years now they say they cant find any decent place to live … ”

Polis in Sagittaria
Polis in Sagittaria

However, Bill has made a very generous offer: He is willing to donate some of his much-admired buildings to non-profits.  He is planning to delete the buildings at 23.00 SLT on Saturday 27th March, but any nonprofit who would like one of the buildings may contact Bill Stirling before that time and ask if they might have it.

So if you have long admired one of Bill’s glorious skyscrapers – or even one of his more modest builds … now might be your opportunity to acquire a great new property for your nonprofit.

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