Introducing the Pathfinders, now at the Home, Garden, and Patio Expo

In 2009, Prim Perfect launched its Pathfinders programme.  Three designers just starting out in the Second Life business world were selected to participate in a programme of mentoring sessions with some of Second Life’s top designers, marketing specialists and business people.   Their experiences were shared in the magazine as they worked toward developing a successful business of their own.

We are thrilled to announce the three NEW Pathfinders for this year – Seraphena Beck, Dyson Indigo, and Aisling Sinclair.  We also wish to share the results of their significant first assignment- introducing themselves and their work as part of Prim Perfect’s display at the Home, Garden and Patio Expo.

Seraphena Beck is the creator of ~SuBlime Designs~.  She describes it as low prim, quality furniture.  Her designs are simple yet elegant and classy.  In world for almost three years, she began by asking questions of a builder she met while unpacking freebies at a sandbox.   With a lot of patience and practice, her skills have now grown to receive compliments from that very same builder.   Her elegant Asian bedroom set is on display on the Pathfinders patio.

In the beginning, Dyson Indigo spent her Second Life time exclusively as a role player.  Over time she started playing with prims, but her real need to create came once she bought land.   The problems of finding the right house, furniture, and landscaping for her property has since turned into the desire to help solve problems that other residents often face with renting or owning land.   With her business, Simply Heaven, she is ready to offer low prim homes with customizable textures to fit your particular location and theme.  See her display on the patio for a sample of the homes she creates.

Aisling Sinclair knew immediately upon entering Second Life that she wanted to work and create within the world.   So much caught her attention and stimulated her creativity that she found it hard to focus on just one kind of business.  That concern was pushed aside when a wonderful friend suggested that she didn’t choose but instead do everything she wanted.  This was the start of Miscellany.  She plans to create beautiful things for homes made in whatever mood captures her at the moment.  Find her set of bright and funky furnishings arranged on the Pathfinders patio.

Please come and see a sample of their work at the Pathfinders Patio on the upper floor of Prim Perfect’s pavilion!  In addition, Aarcher Zenovka of AZ Emporium who completed the programme last year is displaying some of her work on the ground floor.

Watch for the next issue of Prim Perfect Magazine to learn more about these new designers.  We will also be sharing the advice they received about displaying their work at the Expo from this issue’s mentor, Jeremey Ryan of Barefoot Homes & Designs, and find out from the Pathfinders how it helped, or possibly didn’t help, them meet this very public challenge!


Addendum by Saffia:
And here are two photos from the Expo that caught the eye of that talented photographer, PJ Trenton:

Depoz photographed by PJ Trenton

This striking kitchen is part of the display from Depoz.  I love the way the flooring here draws the whole thing together … although someone really should unpack that shopping!

GOL Designs. photographed by PJ Trenton
GOL Design. photographed by PJ Trenton

And this is a strikingly elegant, very cool building from GOL Design.

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