At the Expo – A Couple of Fantasies

Entering the Creative Fantasy site at the Home, Garden and Patio Expo, you are truly walking into Julia Hathor’s world.  Located on Home Expo 2, Creative Fantasy is also the sponsor of the sim for the Expo.   Mysterious landscapes on phantom walls obscure your view of neighboring displays.  Her buildings are made of weathered wood and lichen-covered stone.  A rowboat is dashed and abandoned at the foot of the waterfall which begs to be explored.   Wild animals graze among the wildflowers.  The experience is relaxing and immersive.

Creative Fantasy Home and Garden, picture by PJ Trenton

On the other hand, I was giggling like a child as I explored Natural Fantasies on Home Expo 5.   Piedras Chama has created a wonderful tree house with a two-story main building and three additional platforms connected by walkways, ropes, and ziplines.   I shimmied and zipped from platform to platform, peeking over the railings to wave at the people below.

Natural Fantasies' tree house at the Expo

The 3rd Annual Home, Garden and Patio Expo is being hosted by the All-Stars Relay For Life team and will run 24 hours a day, until the EIGHT sims close up on the 17th at 10pm SLT.   There are only 2 days left and so many amazing designers still to see!

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