Celebrate the First Anniversary of Shekhawati and the Grand Re-opening of Medley Builds

We have received a press release from Medley Estates, owner of Shekhawati: Land of Merchants and Warriors. Some of you may remember that Shekhawati featured on a stunningly beautiful show on Designing Worlds.

Shekhawati: outside the Ampitheatre
Shekhawati: outside the Ampitheatre

Press Release
Shekhawati: Land of Merchants and Warriors,  proudly announces our First Anniversary Celebration, and also the Grand Re-opening Celebration of Medley Builds.  The joint celebration will take place on Sat. May 29, with events scheduled throughout the day and evening.  The Shekhawati sim was launched in June one year ago.

Medley Builds store offers prefab shops and homes, and architectural elements  based on the beautiful and exciting builds of our sim, based on Shekhawati, a region in Rajasthan, India famous for its fresco paintings on the walls of mansions, palaces and forts. Medley Builds for the first time will be introducing the exciting textures for sale.

The region is also known as an open air art gallery  because of  its beautiful fresco paintings and architectural designs.  Residents of Second Life can enjoy and own for themselves the beautiful builds and architectural elements like arches, pillars, wall panels, fresco paintings, balconies, and railings available here; all textures created from photographs taken by Veekay Navarathna, owner of Medley and Shekhawati sim.

Shekhawati: inside the Art Gallery
Shekhawati: inside the Art Gallery

We have a wonderful art gallery showcasing modern and classic paintings from India and also the works of other artists of Second Life from various countries.  Also on the sim is an Ampitheater, many shops, a fashion runway, and other attractions.

Come and savour the unique surroundings and exquisite textures of Shekhawati, and enjoy hearing such entertainers as  Seba Sideways, Clarice Karu, and  Washedup Sideways perform for you on Saturday, May 29th.  Dancing provided by  dj Martinie Ahn, dj Rocio Paulino,  and our own djs Nik and Prabhu.  Many contests will be held and prizes awarded.  Please see the invittion and complete event listing attached here:

Scheduled events later today
12pm ( noon ) TO 12AM ( midnight ) – 7SEAS FISHING Marathon
1pm Lucyper  Zehetbauer –  Tandoori
2pm Washedup Sideways – Pier
3-5pm dj Rocio Paulino – Maharaja Palace
5pm Clarice Karu – Art Gallery roof
7pm dj Martinie Ahn –  Medley builds store
9pm Veekay sitar music –  Amphitheater
10:30pm dj Prabhu Foxclaw – Maharaja Palace

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