Visiting SL7B

Take some time to celebrate the communities and creative energy that result in the “Unexepcted Collaborations” on display at the Second Life 7th Birthday event.   There are 21 sims to explore, 5 stages for entertainment and talks, and reportedly over 10,000 prims in use.  It opened on June 21 and will officially close on June 26, though the regions will be open to visitors until July 3.

Before you go, you can get information about the event including the daily entertainment schedule at the SL7B Blog.

Starting your visit at the Welcome Center, you can use the teleport board to jump directly to exhibitors’ parcels.

You may choose to travel via the SL7B Tram, available at various locations around the sims.  Click to rez your own tram and enjoy an automated ride all around the celebration.

Let us know what wonderful things you’ve found as we share our explorations both here in the blog and on Designing Worlds.     Also, don’t forget to stop by Prim Perfect’s site for the latest issue of the magazine, new ideas for your Linden Home, a relaxing drink by the fountain, and some fun freebies!

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