SL7B – An unusual watery, steamy collaboration

The personnel changes at Linden Labs is on many minds,  but the vibrant and amazingly creative community of Second Life continues to be on display at the SL7B celebration.

L1Aura Loire and Maya Paris have collaborated to create the TeleOctoscope.  It has a steampunkish feel, articulated like a metallic seahorse.  Their description of the project is as follows –
Built by cephalopods and powered by steam, tea and chocolate, the TeleOctoscope was inspired by the 19th century invention of the “telectroscope” and enables communication and collaboration on interactive art projects and machinima between Boston (US) and Whitstable (UK).

The telectroscope was an idea conceived in the late 19th century.  The word  describes devices that allowed images to be transmitted and viewed at remote distances, such as transmitting pictures over telegraph wires.  They were theoretical devices that were publicized but likely never existed.  These two artists have brought their own version to the grid.

Slip into your mer-gear if you have some or pick up a mer-mechanic outfit at the installation.  Step into the gently lapping waves and take a position at one of the viewing pods to see streaming media machinima.  Afterward, fly up to the top of the scope and enjoy a spectacular view of the festival grounds.  For a perspective on the size of this build, see if you can spot my avatar atop the scope!

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