SL7B: A teddy bear picnic with DRAMA LIBRE!

The formal SL7B celebrations and entertainment may have concluded, but the exhibits are still on display until July 3.  There is a lot of exploring still to do and fun to be had.  These little bears welcome you to frolic with them on the 4-plot display of DRAMA LIBRE!

DRAMA LIBRE! is a collaboration of Xerxes Sismondi and Peachy Sassoon.  They have a weekly party at their club, but there’s a huge twist.  Each week is a different theme and the club is completely rebuilt to that theme.  It takes several days and over 1,000 prims to prepare the set for each week’s party.  They have been doing this since October 2006 and have never repeated a build.

Their exhibit for SL7B is a version of a teddy bear picnic.  There is a country fair where the bears are lining up for the pie eating contest.  Unfortunately the world’s largest watermelon was devoured before I had the chance to see it.  A few bears had noshed on over-sized food and were napping by the gramophone.  On another plot, the bears were skiing down an ice cream cone.  A favourite is the camping trip, where bears were fishing, roasting marshmallows around a campfire, and sleeping in a graham cracker tent.

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