Having fun at summer camp with Designing Worlds!

This week Designing Worlds celebrated summer by taking off for that most seasonal of entertainments for children in the United States – Summer Camp! And we joined the Second Life equivilant, Camp Hardknock, with a full contingent of Second Life kids!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Both being from the UK, Elrik and Saffia were fascinated to explore the world of summer camp with the owners and Directors of Camp Hardknock -Gattz Gilman and Jill Caldera, Camp Counsellor Nevalyn Looming, and two of the Campers Daisy North and Marianne McCann – not to mention lost of kids who came along and joined in the fun!

Before arrival at the camp, Marianne and Saffia discussed what it means to play a child in the Second Life world – and then Elrik and Saffia had great fun exploring the different amenities and attractions that summer camp has to offer. So … watch the show and see how it compares with your own memories – or with all that you have heard about summer camp.

But if you want to join in – you’ll find that there’s a waiting list!

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