Don’t miss the Designer Sims – and a special auction – at Relay for Life!

RFL logo 2010: Wishing on a Cure
RFL logo 2010: Wishing on a Cure

In addition to the many team campsites at Relay for Life, there are a number of special design ‘builds’. The ‘Wishing on a Cure’ theme of this year’s relay has been an inspiration to our designers who have built on the keywords of ‘wishing’, ‘hope’, ‘dreams’, ‘faith’, ‘courage’, ‘support’ to create a positive message. And what they have built is quite amazing.

There’s a full list below – but first we want to share with you the opportunity to purchase one of the most spectacular of the builds at this year’s Relay for Life.

RFL: St. St. Illuminatius Cathedral - photograph by PJ Trenton
RFL: St. St. Illuminatius Cathedral - photograph by PJ Trenton

The St. Illuminatious Cathedral is a highly detailed edifice in Second Life painstakingly created by the master of primitives, Abel Dreamscape, over three months which incorporates elements of some of the most famous cathedrals of Europe.  It’s a stupendous build which has to be seen to be fully appreciated.

To gain a better appreciation of the true grandeur, realism and detail of this magnificent structure you are warmly recommended to view the video:

or, even better, visit it in-world to personally experience this beautiful monument inspired and built to honour the life of Abel’s father, lost to colon, pancreatic and lung cancer on April 21, 2006.

RFL: St. Illuminatius Cathedral - photograph by PJ Trenton
RFL: St. Illuminatius Cathedral - photograph by PJ Trenton

Abel has very generously offered this beautiful Cathedral to the Friends Fighting Cancer team for an Exclusive Auction to help raise funds for Relay For Life on this final weekend.

The St. Illuminatious Cathedral can be viewed here in world at the Relay track
Note – the rezzed Cathedral at the track is still to have final detailing including internal stairs to the bell tower included before being sent to the Auction winner.

RFL: St. St. Illuminatius Cathedral - photograph by PJ Trenton
RFL: St. St. Illuminatius Cathedral - photograph by PJ Trenton

The Silent Auction will CLOSE at 9AM SLT on SUNDAY 18th of JULY and can be bid on at the Friends Fighting Cancer Relay campsite

Any questions can be directed to Ember Farina, Captain, Friends Fighting Cancer


Name of Area: Fields of Hope, Forests of Dreams

Sim:  RFL Acceptance
Designer: Uni Ninetails
Synopsis: We wish on Stars, Stars are hope harvesting them from fields of music. Forests filled with dreams, we roam endeared.

RFL: Fields of Hope, Forests of Dreams
RFL: Fields of Hope, Forests of Dreams

Name of Area: Starlight
Sim:  RFL Awareness
Designer: Helena Kiama
Synopsis:  A visual journey of one’s experiences and emotions with cancer. Follow the waterway, reading Susan’s words, seeing her feelings in the landscape, from denial, anger, fear….eventually to hope.

Name of Area: Gorean in the Relay for life
Sim:  RFL Celebrate and RFL Comfort
Designer: Jaraziah Lowell
Synopsis: Showing the world the themes that the Goreans within Second Life have, in a tribute to their donations and support for Relay For Life, the heart of it being the home stone garden, the symbol of hope and freedom to many if not all Goreans.

Name of Area: Fantasy Archipelago ~ Path to a Cure
Sim:  RFL Courage
Designer: Erielle Clary
Synopsis: Through Hope, Faith, Courage, Knowledge, Support and Strength, we can overcome. A beautiful fantasy to symbolize the journey to a cure.

RFL: Epic Toy Factory - photograph by Raven Haalan
RFL: Epic Toy Factory - photograph by Raven Haalan

Name of Area: Epic Toy Factory
Sim:  RFL Dedication
Designer: Mayah Parx
Synopsis: A reminder in such a complicated world that dreams do come true and one should never stop believing.

Name of Area: Quiet Thunder
Sim: RFL Enlightenment
Designer: Nico Bascom
The most spectacular waterfall, roaring with quiet thunder.

RFL: Quiet Thunder - photograph by Raven Haalan
RFL: Quiet Thunder - photograph by Raven Haalan

Name of Area: Serenity
Sim: RFL Healing
Designer:Tari Landar
Synopsis: A calm river flows through the earth much like the calm after the storm known as cancer has subsided. It is the wish of many cancer survivors and friends and family members of those who fought a courageous battle but did not win, to find a sense of serenity as they try to make sense of what has happened . A quiet and serene natural setting often gives us a chance to ponder…to wish…to hope…and to pray for a cure.

RFL: The Daffodil - photograph by PJ Trenton
RFL: The Daffodil - photograph by PJ Trenton

Name of Area: The Daffodil
Sim:  RFL Hero
Designer: Alix Stoanes
Synopsis: The Daffodil lies in a grand greenhouse, which has decayed and perished through time, yet still stands, albeit in ruins. Flooded, shaken by tremour and exposed to the sun, hope remains at its core.
“Hope is not the wish that you shall not drown,
It is the faith that the water shall quench your thirst;
Hope is not fearing that the sun shall scald you,
It is the delight you feel as you shine in its warmth;
Hope is not fearing that all around you will collapse,
When time has told, that it shall sustain you.”

Name of Area: The Birth of a Cure
Sim: RFL Imagine
Designer: TIGGS Beaumont
Synopsis:  The cure for cancer can often come from botanicals found in native jungles and forests. The region will be terraformed to have a huge volcano, and a cascading jungle floor, and rivers around its flanks. Scattered within will be hidden copses that contain concentrations of botanical plants. When people walk in there, they can touch placards that show the history of them.The History of Cancer research for a cure was born in nature. We hope all will not only discover, but will enjoy the discoveries

Name of Area: St. Illuminatious Cathedral
Sim: RFL Knowledge
Designer: Abel Dreamscape
An absolutely stunning Gothic cathedral and its precincts.

RFL: Alice - photograph by PJ Trenton
RFL: Alice - photograph by PJ Trenton

Name of Area: Alice
Sim:  RFL Manage & RFL Overcome
Designer: TotalLunar Eclipse & Tensai Hilra
Synopsis: When faced with adversity we spiral down a neverending chasm of despair into a world unknown, even everday life may be askew to the realities of what once was. In gardens of dreams, through red and white, under and below we fall down the rabbit hole. We are pieces in the chessboard of our lives, it is time to make your move… for life is truly a wonderland.

Name of Area: Modjadji’s Gardens
Sim:  RFL Remember
Designer: TanyA Wakaonna
Synopsis: Rural area with different tribes of Southern Africa. It will be a walk-through of six tribal kraals with an example of the huts (two for each tribe) and some artifacts and info on each of the tribes. Entrance will have an information hut, ending with the kraal of Modjadji, the rain queen, in the corner as end destination. Overall, I would say it will be like a big garden walk-through of indigenous countryside flora with huts.

Name of Area: The Healing Hands of Eywa
Sim: RFL Screening
Designer: Marcus Inkpen and Sharni Azalee
Synopsis: Our desire to take Relay for Life on an uplifting journey through magical Pandora inspired forests.

RFL: Fairies Wishing for a Cure
RFL: Fairies Wishing for a Cure

Name of Area: Fairies Wishing for a Cure
Sim: RFL Spirit
Designer: Anhayla Lycia
Synopsis: Enter a magical world where fairies work in partnership with magical creatures to find a cure and defeat the evil one that brings cancer.I had this idea that fairies grant wishes, so these fairies are working with good magical creatues, the unicorn, alicorn etc, to defeat  the bad magical forces, the demon steed, which represent cancer. Triumph of good over evil = triumph over cancer.

Name of Area: Seasons of Change  Fall/Summer/Winter/Spring
Sim:  RFL Strides/RFL Strength
Designer: Bianca Bender
Synopsis: It started with the theme, Wishing for a Cure, which brought to my mind, a wishing well.Across the four seasons, there are four wishing wells to be interacted with and to make a wish upon.The seasons represent the changes of time and life, without winter there would be no spring, and fall brings the harvest while summer is green and full of life, and the changes over all the seasons that sync with the changes  experienced during the hard process of living with cancer.

Name of Area: The Path
Sim:  RFL Care
Designer: Alia Baroque

Name of Area: Island of Wishes
Sim: RFL Life
Designer: Golda Stein
Synopsis: The “wish balloon” an oriental tradition, provided the basis of our inspiration. We expanded with other methods of wishing, such as birthday candles and dandelions, and added places to discover, including a labyrinth, a fun house and birthday gazebo.

Name of Area: Wishing for a Retro-Future without Cancer
Sim: RFL Perservere
Designer: Shaunathan Sprocket
Synopsis: Explore a retro city from the 30’s and 40’s! Locate our eight informational posters and learn about cancer research from the golden years of the 20th century!

RFL: Church of Salvation and Memorial Garden - photograph by PJ Trenton
RFL: Church of Salvation and Memorial Garden - photograph by PJ Trenton

Name of Area: Heaven’s Salvation
Sim: RFL Recovery
Designer: Seska Akami
Synopsis: The No Salvation Revenants For Life present “Heaven’s Salvation” … We may be Immortals but those we love and have lost are not. This is dedicated to the honour and loving memory of those who have fallen to and who are still fighting against Cancer.
“Blessed are they who mourn… For they shall be comforted.”
“I will restore health unto thee… and will heal thee of thy wounds.”

Sim: RFL Survive
Designer: Kalique Pichot and Balls Constantine
Synopsis: Wishes are often magical things but as inspired by the Wizard of Oz’ some wishes make it into reality. We believe the cure for cancer is just over the rainbow…and our greatest wish is that we find it soon. The sim follows several stages of the Wizard of Oz beginning with the Tornado ripping up Dorothy’s house, a grim moment made more dramatic in black and white. And like Dorothy, visitors will follow the yellow brick road from Munchkinland, through the dark forest and poppy fields, ending ultimately in the Emerald City with a chance to meet the Wizard himself.
Dorothy’s journey is not unlike that of cancer survivors. The words “you have cancer” can hit like a tornado and threaten to tear everything down. There are moments along the journey that are bright and colorful celebrations of life. There are moments along the journey that are dark, scary and uncertain. Along the way, bonds of love and friendship are made, tested and strengthened and all the while we fight for life and for a cure. We are particularly excited to offer visitors a place inside the Emerald City to make a real Wish – to wish upon a cure.


  1. wow that was some great stuff being built when I grow up I would love to be able to build like that…But yall are doing a great job for cancer and my hat off to you and everyone that stands behind you..the St. Illuminatious Cathedral is breath taken…Really enjoyed it..have a great day and keep it up…

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