The Primgraph wants to make you a star!

Broadcasting live from Seraph City! It’s time for Steamlands News, brought to you by Xcentricity Neo-Victorian Fashions for Gents and Gorgon Motorcars! Fantastic Aerodynamic Automobiles with Power and Panache! Now let’s go live to our reporter on the street, Mister Quintin Tazewell, who is chasing down a breaking story of bootlegging and corruption. Quinn, are you there?

So you want to be a star reporter …. Or a producer … or a director, a publicist …

The Primgraph is about to start an exciting new venture that will bring it to the airwaves of … well, just about everywhere.

We are planning a series of podcasts on Rezzed.TV that will explore the Steamlands and Vintage sims in the way that The Primgraph does on paper … er … electronic paper.

To do this, we want to enlist the help of teams from all over the Steamlands and Vintage sims. Each team will have a topic to cover, or perhaps a region to report on. Each segment will be short, but build into an exciting show that will reach out from Steamlands and Vintage sims to the mainland … and the wider web beyond!

Some possible areas could be:
• Music
• Fashion
• Transportation
• Pirate News
• Social Whirl – with news of events
• Literary Life
• Etiquette

as well as regional areas such as
• Caledon
• Steelhead
• New Babbage
• Deadwood
• Seraph City
• The Courts

We also hope to include drama segments – would you be interested in writing a drama? Or starring in one? There could be a place for you too!

There can be investigative reporting too, as intrepid teams go off, for example, to discover if reports of an influx of dark mer are true in a particular sim. Or the latest scandal to be rumoured at a European Court …

Each team will need a minimum of THREE people: a producer (who does the planning and prepares the runsheet), a director (who performs all the sound checks and oversees events on the day, making sure the segment keeps to time) and a presenter who will be the lead ‘talent’ on the show – although there may be other people who appear on air as well.

There are also posts available for Senior Producers and Directors who will co-ordinate individual shows being put together. It is proposed that the first show will be broadcast around August 15th.

There will be a meeting at 1pm Sunday July 25th in the gardens of The Primgraph Press at Caledon Glengarry - – to find out more about the project. If you would like to be involved, but cannot make the meeting, contact Saffia Widdershins at

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