Can Prim Perfect Readers Help?

I was contacted yesterday by Lunata Lupino of Lunata Lupino Designs, who asked me if I could help her with the correct name for her new … well, what should she call it?

Lunata Lupino's Forget-Me-Nots
Lunata Lupino's Forget-Me-Nots

This is what Lunata said to me:

I am desperately searching for the word for a special garland which is arranged at a door entrance or big window, used for weddings or other ceremonies. I’d call it *Portal* but my English friends say that is wrong. Unfortunately they also don’t know a better expression. A simple *garland* is just a straight tied arrangement (like wreaths), from point A to B.  But my decoration is in rectangle form, so I cannot call an arch which is circular on top. Please, I would apprechiate if you could help me with finding the correct term.

Well, it had me stumped! I asked Plurk friends too … and although they came up with a variety of names, none seemed quite right …

Lunata Lupino's Forget-Me-Nots
Lunata Lupino's Forget-Me-Nots

The garland/wreath/swag/whatsitsname is actually gorgeous – and beautifully finished, with Lunata’s characteristic, wonderfully detailed hand-painted Textures.  In real life, Lunata is a professional graphic artist and screendesigner, living in Berlin/Germany, drawing exclusive and detailed textures and her meticulous “digitally handpainted” textures make her work quite unique.

More specifically, Lunata Lupino does not take screenshots from cloned 3D models, nor does she use  simple photos, manipulated in an editor;  instead, several paint methods are the basis for for her ambience textures.  Consequently they are  highly detailed and sharp, and without annoying halos or seams – as you can see here.
Zoom in and you will see the difference!

In addition, she has always an eye on the primcount. The wreath/garland/swag/whatdeyoumacallit has just three prims.

You can see more of her work in this video on YouTube:


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