Metaverse Arts Episode 3 Airs Saturday, August 28th

For our third episode of Metaverse Arts, we’re bringing you an interview with the incomparible Filthy Fluno. We’ll chat with Filthy about crossing the boundaries of ‘Real Life” and “Virtual Life” as a means of promoting art. Does it really work? Does it take a certain personality type? A flair for self-promotion? Is it wise for artists to choose not to reveal their real identities?

We’ll share with you a few upcoming events in the arts community, then a visit with Gwen Carillon. Gwen’s magical creations fill her own sims of Eostara  and Elements in Design – and across the grid. The upcoming issue of Prim Perfect Magazine covers the fantasy realms of Second Life™ and for this episode of Metaverse Arts we’ll visit her latest creation in the fairy realm.

Finally we’ll wind up the program by revealing this episode’s featured gallery, photographed by PJ Trenton.

Seating will be open for the live filming of the show, first come first seated. The recording starts at approximately 2pm. 

You can also watch it live on

Tricia & Gwen discussing Gwen's crystalline creations

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