Fairies, Murder & Bedlam!

“Art History with a Twist” is a series of eclectic talks happening about once a month in Avalon Speaker’s Hall.  Last month, I was pleased to chat about those wild and passionate Pre-Raphaelites, and we are excited to follow up today with a talk on another fascinating Victorian, the fairy painter Richard Dadd.  Even better – today’s talk with be given by our very own Intrepid Editor, Saffia Widdershins!

Richard Dadd, "The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke", 1855-64. Collection: Tate Britain.

The focus of  today’s talk will be Dadd’s incredibly detailed painting “The Fairy Feller’s Master-Stroke”, which took him nine years to complete.  Like the Pre-Raphaelites would often do, Dadd wrote a poem to help contextualize this work, Elimination of a Picture & its subject–called The Fellers’ Master Stroke. Saffia will be discussing both of these for an audience of eager art and poetry lovers, which will hopefully include you!

Please join us at 3pm SLT in Avalon Town Speaker’s Hall, come along a little early so the glorious images will rez for you.  See you there!

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