Burn2 Theme Camp Submission Deadline Looms

As the Sept 5 deadline for Burn2 theme camp submissions closes in, I took the opportunity to do a general pulse check on how things are going over on the playa, and how Burn2 parcels allocation is coming along. With the lottery closed, a winning theme camp idea is now the best hope for securing a free camp.

But first, a tidbit of fun – the Burn2 logo currently flies proudly over the Burn2 camp at the RL Burning Man. Philip Rosedale is reported to have dropped in and said hi to the Burn2 organizers that are there.

Burn2 Flag at Burning Man
Burn2 Flag at Burning Man (Photo by Danger Ranger)


Rather than having a land rush this year, the Burn2 team opted for a lottery for the free parcels. A 100L donation gave you a shot at a parcel – and recently the 25 lottery winners were announced (listed below). I asked lottery winner Neeks Karu about her good fortune. “I’m so honored to be one of the lucky ones to get a lottery camp. I’m excited to be part of this next stage of evolution of the burn in SL. The community spirit is still strong and I can’t wait to see how it all turns out!”

I was lucky enough to catch Department of Public Works chief Kev Sweetwater on the playa and check in. He confirmed that this year will definitely be smaller than the expansive affair of 2009 (likely under 10 sims), but that that doesn’t seem to be hampering the fun much. I found him in good spirits and he also remarked on the growing excitement among the burner community.

A few items of information are worth passing along:

  1. Parcels are now 1024 sq meters (32×32) versus the originally planned 512 sq meters. While the allocated prim count remains the same (351), builders now have a bit more elbow room.
  2. Reserved parcels are still available, and will be available throughout September. The intent here is that the team is willing to add sims to fit parcel demand (within reason – they won’t add a sim for a small handful of parcels). There’s naturally a bit of lead time on set up, so there will come a point where this will close, but no firm date is set as of yet.
  3. Some arts patrons have been reported to be funding camps for some builders. I checked with Danger Ranger, and he confirmed that parcels can be bought as gifts on xstreetsl.
  4. Volunteer sign ups are well underway, and folks interested in joining the community can sign up here.
  5. Drop in on they playa at this slurl for further information, to donate to the cause, reserve a parcel or just check things out and gab.

This year’s lottery winners are: Ara Voom, Buddy Deed, Caro Fayray, Cataplexia Numbers, Charity Baroque, Danie Jameson, Eisie Etchegaray, ginny Noyes, Heaven Lacey, Ilianexsi Sojourner, Jaxie Oceanlane, Lauston Oh, Liz Gealach, Majique Merlin, Miso Susanowa, Neeks Karu, paramparamm Papp, Pete Jiminy, Rox Arten, Shendara Destiny, Snurky Snoodle, Sporty Tone, Tozh Taurog, Xaan Allen, Zipper Moomintoog


  1. … breaking update … apparently four of the new sims (they are now at a total of 6) just got turned on last night and are being reconfigured.

    It would appear there will be delays for builders getting at their parcels.

  2. The BURN2 flag flies proudly over Outback and BURN2 camps. After a 15 hour drive I am back in Seattle. I can’t describe seeing sunrise over Black Rock City (where the Burn is) and Sunset over the Olympic peninsula…I have a small chunk of playa here that was stuck to my boot and is now in a ziplock. I’ll be sitting here looking at it as we prep the ePlaya for you. It’s gonna be some Burn. Be prepared for absolutely the next evolution as we bring the two worlds together. Please lower the safety bar and hang on.

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