Three Times Lucky for Nish at the Final UWA

'The Last Ocean' by Nish Mip. Photo by PJ Trenton.

Nish Mip’s powerful and enveloping piece, THE LAST OCEAN takes the top prize (L$5,000) in the final August round of the UWA 3D Art & Design Challenge – making it an unprecedented 3rd time she has won First Prize for the IMAGINE Challenge, breaking a tie with Bryn Oh & Igor Ballyhoo, both of whom won the Challenge twice. Commenting on the win, Nish said, “My thanks go to Jayjay and quad for putting so much work in to organising these competitions. They deserve the biggest round of applause for their efforts and to everyone else involved through support and sponsorship in whatever way and that includes the artists, judges, and the people who come along to look and appreciate this great boost for second life art. I really feel proud to have taken part in these competitions.”

Lea Supermarine and Eliza Wierwight shared 2nd Prize honours.

Flagship Winner Herick Straaf. Photo by PJ Trenton.

In the FLAGSHIP Challenge, Herick Straaf narrowly beat 5 time champion Nyx Breen to take the top prize for a 2nd time.

A final new prize was created in the Legacy award. Bohemian Ghost and the Summerland Estate raised L$33,000 to honor the most frequent participants in the challenge. Jesse Keyes, Alizarin Goldflake & soror Nishi picked up L$6,000 each in winning Legacy Awards for their work across the year for the IMAGINE Challenge, while Nyx Breen took home the Legacy Award for the FLAGSHIP Challenge. Soror Nishi, who also won the Honourable Mention Prize for JOY for August, with ‘Dotty the Dragon’ chimed in, “It’s a great thing to feel that what you try to do as an artist, that what you try to ‘say’ has been understood. An award is like someone saying ‘yes, soror, I agree’.. and it makes it possible to go on creating, trying to express difficult ‘stuff’.”

'Dotty the Dragon' by soror Nishi. Photo by PJ Trenton.

A paradigm shifting piece called ‘ANTARCTICA – AN INDIVIDUAL EXISTENCE’ by Glyph Graves won the Honourable Mention Prize for Second Life Wizardry. This must see work, uses real time data from weather stations in Antarctica to create an enchanting symphony of sound and light. The technical expertise required to create such a work is mind-boggling.

'Antartica' by Glyph Graves. Photo by PJ Trenton.

August, the final month of this year long L$600,000 challenge, saw a record shattering 103 submissions to the IMAGINE challenge with 6 Flagship Builds pushing the total across the year to 841 entries from more than 300 artists and builders. Six of the seven continents of the world are represented as entrants hailed from: Venezuela, Belgium, Mexico, Wales, Canada, the USA, the UK, Uruguay, Scotland,England, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, France, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Denmark, Holland, Ireland, Portugal, Austria, Cuba, Serbia, Tunisia, Germany, Japan, New Zealand and Australia.

Readers can be part of this amazing challenge by voting in the grand finale People’s Choice award. See a complete list of winners at the UWA in SL website.

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