Prim Perfect’s Guide to Third Party Viewers: How will we review them?

We want to look at each viewer in turn, building up to a series of posts which will give readers a chance to look at the pros and cons of each viewer.

First, with the aid of the excellent MCF Viewer Comparison Spreadsheet we will give the vital statistics of each viewer in as many of the categories as we can:

Last release?
Graphics support
Avatar support
Supported Platforms
Language, License
Code Lineage
Max Cache / Bandwidth
Misc Notes
External services
Audio supported
Video support
Voice support
Player Song Info
Doubleclick TP
Chat translator
Multi-grid support
OGP support
Client-Side Scripting
IM Encryption
Stability in SL
Stability in OSgrid

Then, where we can, we will ask people who use individual viewers to give a brief review of what they feels are the strengths and weaknesses of that particular viewer – and how they feel the viewer can best be used.

If you would like to submit a review of your favourite viewer, send an emails to primperfect@gmail com, stating which viewer you would like to review.

You can also comment here on the blog – indeed, we look forward to people joining in this discussion and helping to shake the future of Second Life!

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