Build-off Winners Have Prairie Style!

The FLWVM Prairie Style Build-off at Rockcliffe University

Last weekend’s Prairie Style Build-off was a smashing success!  There were so many fantastic builds, this judge had a difficult time choosing.  But I’m pleased to share with you the winners!

The Pro Division saw a tie for first place between Camryn Darkstone and Kendra Ling.  Both builders really understood the Prairie Style principals of horizontal orientation, low-hanging eaves, and symmetrical art glass windows.  granelda Oh’s warm-toned home took 2nd place, while 3rd went to VanGaldi Edelmann, who managed to creatively include an arched hallway.

The novices did wonderfully as well, particularly those who successfully tackled the challenge of those low eaves. Novice Jolie Serendipity  took first place with her elegantly simple stone house, while Poetry Sorbet’s fantastic interior ensured her 2nd  place. And while perhaps a bit maze-like inside, Safar Fiertze took third for his creative placement of his build, which came straight out of a rock face in true Wright organic style.

Finally, Marcan Aridian’s colourful blend of Prairie and Art Deco took the People’s Choice Award.  Also wonderful were both of the staff builds, by Jadyn Firehawk and Terra Tepper, which show how fortunate the museum is to have them on staff!

I’ve included selection of photos taken by our own PJ Trenton here, but you should definitely check his flickr album to see all the builds.  And you can visit the first place builds now at the Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Museum, add it to your weekend schedule!

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