Designing Worlds travels Beaneath the Waves in New Babbage

Elrik and Saffia explore a whole new world beneath the waves of New Babbage … and find themselves embroiled in another adventure – one that might break Prim Perfect’s Prime Directive!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This was one of our New Babbage Mysteries, featuring the really stunning builds beneath the sea in New Babbage – and with an adventure thrown in! Meet again Mr Mornington, the Assistant Maceholder of New Babbage (well, at least for the purposes of the drama) . And find out what has been happening to Mr Biggins, the hapless sandhog who always seems to be reluctantly dragged into Saffia and Elrik’s adventures …

The tunnels beneath the Vernian Sea
The tunnels beneath the Vernian Sea

The cast were:

Saffia, Elrik and Mr Victor Mornington were played by themselves
Mr Biggins was played by Mr August Lusch
The mermaids were played by Miss Serafina Puchkina, Miss Beq Janus, Miss Alaex Aeon & Miss Aisling Sinclair

Props by Miss Aisling Sinclair and Miss Beq Janus.

Our thanks to Miss Breezy Carver (for hosting the viewing party and lending the location of the Lotus Room, and to Miss Beq Janus for lending her build, Aegir’s Hall, for the mermaids’ lair.

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