Mesh is coming to Second Life: Jack Linden and Dusan Writer on Designing Worlds

Mesh is coming to Second Life with the open beta starting on Wednesday 12th October – and we had Jack Linden and Dusan Writer on the show to discuss what this would mean for content creators and for Second Life as a whole.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

It was clear that mesh does offer some exciting possibilities. People interested in learning to work with mesh will be able to download a special project viewer and log in to special readers on the beta grid where tutorials will be available to help creators develop skills. Full details will be available on the Second Life blog on Wednesday 13th October.

Some fascinating facts emerged – and some did not! For example:

  • Linden Lab are considering increasing prim sizes up to 64 netres (from 10 metres).
  • Mesh will not invalidate either prim building or sculpties; all three techniques will have their place.
  • Mesh will not be visible in early viewers like Viewer 1.23.5. They will need he code base of Viewer 2.0 and above – but will work in Third Party Viewers that use the Viewer 2.0 codebase.
  • Earlier viewers will either not see anything, or perhaps an unrezzed sphere.
  • The cost of importing mesh will be on a sliding scale – but what level that will be has yet to be decided.

One thing that Jack Linden said should perhaps give pause for thought -he spoke of content creators being in a minority, and content consumers in the majority. But is that realy true? People who create content commercially might be in the minority … but don’t most people in Second Life do some content creation, on some level? What do you think?

For more thoughts on this, take a look at Dusan’s Metaverse post, where he discusses the show in some detail.

All in all, this was a fascinating show, and the auditorium was packed – as you can see!

Designing Worlds Studio - Northpoint - photo by Wildstar Beaumont
Designing Worlds Studio - Northpoint - photo by Wildstar Beaumont

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