Calling all Hotshots!

Announcing the Second Spaces “Home Hotshot” Design Contest!

Do you enjoy decorating in SL? Do you thrive under pressure? Do you dream of fame and glory and amazing free stuff from some of SL’s most awesome furniture/decor designers?? Then keep reading!

Home Hotshot is actually a series of time challenges. Contestants will not know what the challenge is beforehand; it will be given to them at the start of each mini-contest. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Contestant Registration – registration will be open for a limited time, and only 10 contestants can join – first come, first serve!
  • Round 1 – The 10 contestants will come to the contest site at the scheduled date/time, and just before the challenge starts, they will receive the instructions and will select an Inspiration Box (items that must be used as the inspiration for the design).
  • Each contestant will have a space to decorate according to the rules of the challenge, and using the items in their Inspiration Box. They will have 2 hours decorating time (starting as soon as the challenge and Inspiration Boxes are given) and 200 prims. There is no spend limit. They will be allowed to leave the contest site for shopping, or use anything they have in their inventory – they just have to have the space completed in that 2 hour time period.
  • At the end of that 2 hour window, contestants will have to step away from their designs, and the judges will evaluate all the spaces to select the contestants who will move to the next round.

The judges will select 5 contestants who will move on to round 2. Round 2 will be the same process as Round 1, and 3 contestants will be selected to move to the final round. The final round will be the same process, but with a few more challenges thrown in! At the end of the final round, our judges will select a Grand Prize winner, and 2nd and 3rd place winners.

*Prizes will be announced at a later date*

Here’s the contest schedule:

  • Round 1 – November 13 at 2PM SLT
  • Round 2 – November 20 at 2PM SLT
  • Final Round – December 4 at 2PM SLT

Contest registration will open on NOVEMBER 7 AT 9AM SLT and will close on NOVEMBER 11 AT 9AM SLT. Click here for info and location!

Please contact Elle Kirshner in-world or at with any questions!

The Second Spaces Home Hotshot Design Contest is sponsored by these awesome SL designers:

Ambiance • [ba] Barnesworth Anubis • Belle Belle • Insight Designs • La’Licious • LISP Bazaar • MudHoney • Prim Perfect/Designing Worlds • RC Cluster • [SPRY] • The Loft • UrbanizeD • {what next}

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