Bah Humbug? Not Anymore! Mister Scrooge Lightens Up!

Welcome to another in our series of “My Favorite Holiday Sims” postings, leading us right up to Christmas day!

As a longtime fan of Cheeky Pea’s cozy and sometimes shabby furnishings, I was intrigued by the group notice announcing Mr. Scrooge’s Holiday Village in Cheeky Pea and took the sincere endorsement on the poster to heart; “Where most everything is free … and definitely NOT crap!”

When I next had a quiet moment, I teleported off to see what I could see. And what I saw was a ring of cozy little snowbound cottages. Peering into one, I was charmed by a happy interior featuring a table with many candles, and a pair of gloves. Cautiously, I clicked the gloves. Joy! They were very nice color-change gloves, freely given to me by Clementine Ishtari of Awesome Blossoms. This was to be the first of many, many… MANY free gifts I would discover as I explored each little cottage in the circle.

Go, romp, crank up the rowdy music and admire the creators that have banded together to liven up Mister Scrooge’s image. Inspect EVERYTHING. There are many more free items for the holidays than at first meets the eye!

Outside of each designer’s cabin is a tipjar. I encourage you to show your appreciation for these “definitely not crap” gifts that are offered. If one were to accept every free gift offered here, one could decorate their home for Christmas. Completely. Utterly. SERIOUSLY! And without the maddening timesink of a Hunt. These gifts are just *there*, freely offered in the spirit of the season.

Mister Scrooge, you’ve changed!

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