Avalon Town Creative Design Contest: Horses on Parade

Avalon Art District invites all SL Artists and Content Creators to participate in a new creative contest!  Based on the successful “Noobs on Parade” Contest in 2009, the new contest features a sculpted prim horse and an invitation to add your own textures, prims and creative twist to it.

Entrants will be given a  10 prim full perm sculpted horse by Nomasha Syaka  to modify as they see fit, within a 100 prim limit. The entries will be on display throughout Avalon Art District and open to public voting.

Submissions are being accepted starting immediately, with the deadline for entry being December 18th. An opening exhibition party will be held Monday December 20th at 7SLT, and voting for your favorites will be open throughout December, closing on December 31st. When the votes are counted, the top five entries will be on display for a final party and will all be open to voting again.

5th place: $500L
4th place: $750L
3rd place: $1000L
2nd place: $1500L
1st place: $3000L

Tha Rulez
1) Staff and management of Avalon Town, Avalon Art District and Citrus Virtual are prohibited from entry.
2) Avalon Town Estate is a Mature region, please keep the work appropriate to that rating.
3) Animated textures, bots and video are not permitted (to reduce lag)
4) Work deemed inappropriate will be disqualified at the discretion of Avalon Management
5) Entry deadline is 12 noon SLT December 18th
6) Entries should be submitted to Tricia Aferdita with the entrant’s name in the title or description.
7) Limit one entry per person

A copy of the sculpted horse can be picked up at Tricia Aferdita Gallery or in downtown Avalon Art District.

Tricia Aferdita Gallery: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Tabula%20rasa/92/26/28

Avalon Town: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Ars%20Lunga/50/128/27

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