Designing Worlds in Caledon: Wishing You All a Happy Christmas!

As is customary on Designing Worlds (well, we’ve done it all three years now!), we finished our winter season with a visit to the Victorian themed sim of Caledon – but we wanted to show you some different aspects of the Caledonian lifestyle!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

First of all we visited the town of Tinyville in Caledon Tanglewood – where we saw some of the sets created for the reading of The Wind in the Willows by the Caledon Library – and also, with the help of Mis Garnet Psaltery, encountered a group of Tinies making a rather special Christmas pudding (and you’ll be able to read more about that in Miss Qwis Greenwood’s lovely story in the forthcoming issue of The Primgraph).

This was followed by a visit to Caledon Oxbridge where we met the Dean of the University, Miss Martini Discovolante, who described to us how Caledon Oxbridge has evolved from a community gateway (one of Linden Labs’ special areas for new residents) into the dedicated training area it is today, offering assistance, freebies and even free accommodation for new residents, while also offering an introduction to the Steamland regions, and classes for more advanced residents (such as advice on how to transition successfully to Viewer 2).

Finally, we visited Caledon Victorian Gardens, where the Duchess, Panacea Luminos, has created a beautiful winter wonderland, with all sorts of wintyer sports for visitors to try!

And, of course, we had carols – beautifully sung by Caledonian resident Magdalena Kamenev – who later, after the show, proved herself fiendishly skilled with a snowball cannon! Because we should mention that, post show, our live audience came to join us, and we all ended up ice skating on the ice rink in Caledon Oxbridge – and then having a terrific snowball fight!

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