All Aboard Grand Tour Photography Contest

Have you got your ticket for the Grand Tour?
Have you got your ticket for the Grand Tour?

We told you about the Grand Tour of the Steamlands this weekend – with a host of amazing locations and events to visit. And to celebrate the All Aboard Grand Tour, Al Andalus Sims are  sponsoring a 48 hour SL snapshot photography contest! Discover the beauty of these sims and the others on the grand tour and capture it in an image.

Prizes are 3000L first place, 1500L second place and 500L third.

1.  All entries must be original SL snapshots taken between 5 am SLT on February 19, 2011 and  7pm SLT February 20, 2011 – the duration of the All Aboard Grand Tour.

2. Photographs must be taken somewhere in the ___sims participating in the Grand Tour.  This includes (list to follow)

3. The theme for the contest is “Postcards home from the Grand Tour”  –  with a focus on Transportation.
Images must be suitable for display in PG   sims, so images containing adult content will not be judged.

4. Take your snapshot and SAVE TO INVENTORY.
DO NOT rename it or change the description — the snapshot will then show where it was taken, when, and by whom 🙂
Create a notecard and name it  ‘Snapshot Contest Grand Tour- (your name)’

5. Put the snapshot in the notecard, and include a title (for use when the snapshot is displayed) and specify the proportions to be used for display – for example ‘Taken using Current Window setting – display in landscape format’  or ‘Taken at 512 by 512 – display in square format’  IF NO INFORMATION IS GIVEN, IMAGES WILL BE DISPLAYED IN SQUARE FORMAT.

6. A maximum of 1 entry is permitted per person.  Don’t send more than one please!

7. Drop the notecard to Al Andalus Citizen Callipygian Christensen  before 7.15 SL time on Sunday February 20th
DO NOT save your images to disk and then reupload – ANY ENTRY SUBMITTED AS A TEXTURE – NOT A SNAPSHOT – WILL NOT BE JUDGED.  The purpose of the contest is snapshots using the tools available inworld, with no post processing. Feel free to use windlight settings, lighting, whatever tools you like BEFORE taking the snapshot – do not use any post processing of any kind, in world or out after taking the snapshot.

5. A panel of three judges will view the snapshots ‘blind’ – so will not know who took the images until judging is completed.  In the event of a tie for any of the prize positions, Callipygian Christensen will  vote to break the tie.  All decisions of the judging panel are final. Judging will take place the week of February 21 and images will be put on display as soon as practicable, in the Al Andalus Palaces. An event to announce the winners will be scheduled for the following week.

The All Aboard Grand Tour Ticket (reverse side)
The All Aboard Grand Tour Ticket (reverse side)

So come and enjoy the Grand Tour … and try your luck at winning a photography prize!

And watch for news later today about the launch of The Primgraph’s new offices in Seraph City – with a Murder Mystery for you to enjoy!

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