Fantasy Faire 2011 – Day 3 – Forest Of Shadow

Day 2 of Fantasy Faire  saw celebrities Jailed and Bailed, matching challenges issued & met, milestones reached and even more outpouring of generosity.
Day 2 raised more than L$500,000, took the total to the 2 Million Linden mark and beyond and saw more green dots on the map than any day of any preeceeding year.  Fantasy Faire is the top pick in the SL Destination Guide, and with good reason.  Because this Faire is alive with the Spirit of Relay.  And we’re just warming up – Zander Greene, Friends Fighting Cancer

And so begins Day 3…

Forest Of Shadow
Photos By Judith LeFevre

They passed through a gap in a wall and immediately the world around them changed. Gone was the bright sun and bird song of the Forest of Light behind them, replaced now with deep, brooding shadows and an echo of mocking laughter that filled the air. They knew that the sense of being watched was more than their own paranoid fear and all around them hidden things were staring back and waiting.

We have entered the Forest of Shadow (FoS), sponsored by Dark Goddess Designs, with landscaping and build by Numberofthebeast Angelus. The triumph of this sim is, for me, in the sense of atmosphere and intrigue that is conjured up by the small details within the sumptuous large scale design. From the air the trees look a little stunted and unappealing, especailly when contrasted with the bright hues of the neighbouring Forest of Light but get beneath the canopy and you will realise that this was a misconception and it will quickly capture your imagination.

Forest Of Shadow is located at the top of the ring of eight Fantasy Faire sims and is entered from the West as you leave Forest of Light, or from the East if you come from Dark Mirage, our next destination. The path from the Forest of Light brought us in at the top, north-western corner and here you enter the forest and can choose to head south along the course stone block pavement to the many stores. the stores here are simple Stone structures built of cut stone blocks in a style reminiscnet of Incan walls but now overgrown and starting to decay. The themed stores are small single storey structures and they line the main route as it runs south along the western edge of the sim, before turning east.

Along the bottom edge of the sim we find the larger buildings for the four featured designers and the dominant two storey Dark Goddess Store of the Sim Sponsor Alesandra Markova. The main Landing Point for the sim is directly outside the Dark Goddess building. The main path continues east before turning back north and running up to the north eastern corner where we enter the Arabina nights inspired Dark Mirage.

The stores that fill this sim are typically suited to the more shadowy environment, but here you can find amazing avatars, eery eyes and fantastic fashion. The full list of designers nestled in amongst the under growth can be found of the Forest of Shadow designers page. Be ready to dig deep as you are assailed by wonders of SL design galore.

There is however a little more. Forest Of Shadow has a little extra secret, a temptation to lure you from the beaten track. High on the northern edge of the sim sits a deserted temple lost in the magical forest, all around it are hidden secrets and less trodden paths just waiting to be discovered.

Not far from the path they spied a rough stone archway that was clearly not a natural formation. Inexplicably drawn to it they found their way beyond the arch; following the sound of rushing water that echoed from a passageway cut into the mountain, into a vast and spectacular crystal cavern. As they explored the cavern’s meandering pathways they happened upon a stone monolith beaing the rune of a hand. Touching the rune gently, they cried out in surprise, a brief sharp sensation stabbed through their knees as the legs below deformed and sprouted hair.

Hidden in plain view, in the depths of the inner forest are a series of free gifts, each is held in a rune spike, there are goat legs, ears and horns, a tunic and piece of armour to be found (and perhaps more that I have missed). The adventure through the forest is a welcome distraction from the retail exravaganza and there are numerous donation points for visitors to show their gratitude.

Forest Of Shadow is a well designed sim that draws you in with its subtle attention to detail. Be sure to visit before its too late.

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