Grow Your Virtual Business through Social Networking: a special Prim Perfect seminar!

Prim Perfect's Social Networking Seminar
Prim Perfect's Social Networking Seminar

Is Social Networking a maze for you? Do you feel that it could be a useful tool for promoting your Second Life or virtual world business, but you just don’t know where to start?

Do you have a Twitter account, but long to get more followers? Do you know when to use a hashtag and when to use @? What about Facebook? Should you have an account as your avatar and risk losing it, or use your real identity and create a page? What if you don’t want your personal information out there? Can you ignore Facebook altogether? How best to build a popular blog?  Are you using Flickr effectively? How many of these networks should you actually follow and contribute to – and will that leave time for you actually to make anything?

Prim Perfect wants to help business in Second Life grow. We’re committed to doing that through our Pathfinder and Trailblazer programmes, and as part of Trailblazers, we’ll be holding a series of seminars throughout the coming year, with the first on Friday 3rd June at 2pm at the Prim Perfect Headquarters in Costa Rica.

The title of this is Grow Your Business through Social Networking – and we’re excited to have three terrific people with extensive experience to lead this seminar.

Nikk Huet (Nik Hewitt in real life) is the Lead Strategist for Conversify, a leading international Social Media marketing agency, based in the US and UK. Nik has worked for eight years in film and television, and another twelve in SEO, PPC, and information delivery. He was awarded a Masters Degree in Experimental Film (majoring in new Production Techniques for the Internet) from Sheffield Hallam University. His children’s educational site, Headline History, won an Interactive BAFTA in 2006. He worked for six years as New Media Specialist for the Daily Mail and General Trust, producing award winning community-based projects in subjects as diverse as Green Living, Property, Tourism, and Obituaries.

Nik lectures in digital community and social media, and works closely with various UK PR companies, ad agencies, developers, and specializes in information and multi-media delivery.

He has had a presence in Second Life for a number of years and has run a variety of projects here, ranging from Tribute Island and the Big Green Switch (which allowed avatars to offset their energy costs by having a real tree planted), to having his own stores and inworld movie studio … so he has practical, hands-on Second Life experience as well as a broad and deep understanding of Social Media.

Elle Kirshner of Second Spaces is well-known as a popular and extremely talented designer (she created a lovely Linden Home for Prim Perfect in our Summer 2010 issue), but she has also worked tirelessly to promote the cause of good design in Second Life, being one of the powerhouses behind Spruce Up Your Space and the Second Spaces Home Hotshot contest which we covered in Prim Perfect. And as if all this wasn’t enough, she’s also a hot DJ in much demand at classy parties! For the seminar, she will be talking about how she has grown her blog to be a must-read for anyone in the Homes and Gardens community … and beyond!

Cherelle Capra is the owner and designer of C&D Designs, which produces a wide range of interesting pieces.  Cherelle specializes in architecture, custom furniture, unique lighting, home accessories, & fine art with an emphasis on Modern & Retro styles. She is designing the Linden Home in the next issue of the magazine – and we’re looking forward to seeing what she will do with an oriental style home!  As well as running her store, she has worked on a number of larger commissioned works. One of the ways she promotes her business is through the use of her Flickr group, which she has developed in innovative, interactive ways … and she will be talking about that.

These three will be leading our must-see seminar – but you will have a chance to put questions to them – and to share your experiences of using Social Networking. It’s going to be an exciting and – we trust – invaluable session.  Make sure of your seat by arriving early at the Prim Perfect Headquarters in Costa Rica.

Prim Perfect Headquarters in Costa Rica
Prim Perfect Headquarters in Costa Rica


Prim Perfect Pathfinders and Trailblazers
by Qwis Greenwood

This season of Pathfinders will be our most ambitious yet. During the previous two seasons, Prim Perfect encouraged the development of new designers and creators by introducing them to successful and established designers. These Mentors have shared their experience on various topics, all applicable to running a successful business in a virtual world.

For this season, not only will the Pathfinders be mentored on topics such as how to set up a vendor and customer service, but Prim Perfect will provide the support for the Pathfinders to open and run their own store. Their experiences and the lessons learned along the way will be shared with the readers of Prim Perfect, both in the magazine and on the blog.

As we reviewed the applications for this year’s group of Pathfinders, we noticed that some were from designers that had their own shops and have been selling their work for a while. These people still had questions and a desire for guidance to move their business ahead. Inspired by their ambitions, we invited them to become the first group of Prim Perfect Trailblazers.

We envision the program to be a less rigorous, more experimental affair, and these designers will have a say in what direction it will take. Perhaps the Trailblazers will try a new initiative and report on whether it worked for them. Mentoring sessions, networking, and seminars on business topics can be arranged at the Prim Perfect headquarters. Having this new group potentially doubles the topics we can explore and share.

It is going to be an exciting time for the participants in the programs. We hope their enthusiasm is infectious and you stop by their stores to take a look at their work. You never know—you might find yourself saying that you knew them Way Back When, during their days as Pathfinders and Trailblazers!


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