The Ultimate RFLSL Auction by Friends Fighting Cancer

They’re are back…The team that brought you Fantasy Faire, Friends Fighting Cancer, have been busy arranging the Ultimate auction. They have put together a list of rare, valuable and desirable items in a final bid to draw those charity Lindens from your pocket.


Proudly brought to you by
Friends Fighting Cancer
Strong!  Together!

Details are still being finalised and in fact if you are a creator and have an item you would like to offer then contact Ember Farina or Elizabeth Tinsley in world. They hope to have between 10 and 20 items in the final auction.

Already, a number of generous creators have donated some incredible items, the list so far stands as follows:-

Epic Toy Factory – Mayah Parx – Rapunzel Tower

Garden Of Dreams – Kayle Black – bubble scene rezzer $40k

Rezzables – Light Waves – The Ballerina* (was $L25k)

Rezzables – Light Waves – Eagle and Shark* (was $L10k)

Fallen Gods – Alia Baroque – Skins Voucher

Cerridwens Cauldron – Elicio Ember – Voucher for Fatpack

Random Calliope – full collection of the 29 Ode butterflies**

VERY limited edition fantasy sculpt from Marcthur Goosson – Coach Bed Spring Tuned
Ultimate Auction will be held over 10 days to allow people to bid on a limited number of *very* exclusive, collectible or expensive items, in a silent auction with ALL funds raised going direct to Relay For Life (RFL) in SL.

In addition they have arranged for fantastic live music concerts, top DJs & a great raffle with prizes given out during each live event to benefit Relay for Life and the fight against cancer.

The event will culminate in a party on the 26th June before all minds turn to Relay day itself.

* Location:
* Primary Contact:      
Ember Farina, Friends Fighting Cancer Captain

* Secondary Contact:
Elizabeth Tinsley, Friends Fighting Cancer Co-Captain

Friends Fighting Cancer FaceBook page:
Fantasy Faire website: 

RFL of SL official website:

ACS official website:    


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