Slipping Away … Alien Isles

I was saddened this afternoon to receive a notecard from an old friend, Judi Newall, to tell me of the closure on July 10th of her Homestead, Alien Isles, which she shares with the creator and soundmaster, Lori Tone.

Alien Isles
Alien Isles

One of a group of islands that feature the works of some of Second Life’s most extraordinary creators, Alien Isles features, as Judi says, the wonderful work of Madcow Cosmos, Lorin Tone,  Glyph Graves, Alazarin Mobius & Photon Pink and – as she points out – created a really magical world on only a homestead sim.  It appears in the destination guide as one of the places in Second Life you really should visit.  Sadly, as with AM Radio’s installations, your time to do so is limited.

The reason is, once again, the simple one of cost. Judi and Lorin have decided that they can no longer afford to maintain the Homestead and – while they have been happy to receive the large number of newcomers that the Destination Guide has sent to them, those newcomers tend not to have the Lindens or perhaps the awareness to tip a destination they would like to see continue.

Alien Isles
Alien Isles

Do try and see this extraordinary and delightful place before it closes … and witness for yourselves what some very talented people can achieve when they set out to have fun!

We have arranged to pay a visit as Designing Worlds on July 4th, when Judi has promised to see the show out in style with the most spectacular of firework displays!

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  1. Has Judi andLorin concideret to save the build to their HDs and upload it to another grid (one that allows for full region uploads, I forget what that is called ) Would be a shame to loose such an amazing build

  2. I don’t know if they plan to do that, but I think it would be very difficult as they are not the creators of the entire build, nor are (I assume) the textures all their own creations, as some of the objects were created by other people.

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