SL8B Day 5: Innovation, Machinima and the Power to Travel Time and Space

Our schedule for Friday 24th June
Today we’ll have the opportunity to talk to two amazing designers in our 2pm talk as Colleen Desmoulins and Pitsch Parx join Elrik Merlin.  At 4pm, Rowan Derryth wll be talking to leading machinima maker Chantal Harvey, while at 6pm we’ll be looking at creating a community based around a common interest (or, if you prefer, fandom) when Saffia Widdershins meets the Timelords – the followers of the famous British TV programme, Dr Who).

Meet the Designers: Setting a Style
Meet the Designers: Setting a Style

2pm Prim Perfect presents: Makers of Magic: Setting a Style – Colleen Desmoulins of The Loft and Pitsch Parx of UrbanizeD
In our recent series of Designer talks at the Home and Garden Expo, we asked our interviewees which designer within Second Life had been most influential.  And designers of a wide variety of styles, ranging from recent arrivals from the teen grid to leading and well-established designers, said that Colleen Desmoulins of The Loft had inspired them. With such a track record, you might expect Colleen to be resting on her laurels – instead she is still leading innovation on the grid with stunning new product; her delightful breakfast table (released at this year’s Expo) is currently on my deck!

Pitsch Parx is another designer to have had a important impact on the  grid with his stunning and innovative designs. He’s also well-known for the help and encouragement he offers other designers – in a design market that is well-known for the readiness of designers to work supportively, Pitsch is seen as an inspiration. His collaborative sim design at the Home and Garden Expo was a highlight of the event, and his latest exciting plan (which he will be explaining at this interview today) offers new opportunities for collaboration and development.

Chantal Harvey has big news for us at 4!

4pm   Prim Perfect Presents Ekphrasis: Machinima – Rowan Derryth talks to Chantal Harvey

Through this week’s artist talks, one thing has come through clearly: machinima are both a fascinating new art form, and perhaps one of the best ways to get exposure for virtual art to the wider world. Chantal Harvey is one of the leading machinimatographers in Second Life and beyond. Her films truly do capture the ‘magic’ of Second Life in their thoughtful composition and use of beautiful locations, as seen in this short ‘Dreams we Live’:

Chantal left her career in Dutch television behind to focus on machinima full-time. She works regularly for festivals (she did the SL8B promo machinima!), and is a pioneer and advocate of the art form, having founded such inititatives as the Ma Machinima International Film Festival (MMIF), and is the producer for the machinima portion of the 48 hour Film Project. We’ll be chatting about this, as well as her work with the Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA), particularly the ‘Month of Machinima’ project. Meanwhile, why not enjoy some of her fantastic films on YouTube?

Creating Communities: Meet the Timelords
Creating Communities: Meet the Timelords

6pm: Prim Perfect Presents Creating a Community: Fandom in Second Life – meet the Timelords: Saffia Widdershins talks to some of those behind the different Dr Who communities in Second Life
There’s a vast number of different fandoms that meet and form communities in Second Life.  Among the strongest are the various communities that make up Dr Who fandom 0- and we’l be talking to a wide selection on our panel today, including:
Oolon “Sputters” Sputnik : Long time Dr Who fan in SL and one of the founding members of the New Gallifrey/Hands of Omega roleplay group, also host of the Dirty Whoers Podcast.
Terry Lightfoot : Long suffering assistant to Oolon Sputnik.  Also lead designer for Visions of Pythia, and co-host of Dirty Whoers Podcast
Sen “Da Lord President” : Founder of Hands of Omega, President of the New Gallifrey High Council Roleplay, and co-host of Dirty Whoers Podcast
Doctor Bernard : Owner of Paradox Island (Lewisonia region) and editor of the well known TARDIS Newsroom
Tristan Avedon : Owner of Who Island region, hosting events and parties in the Dr Who community for the U.S time zones, also co-owner of W.I.T.S
Louis Trapani : Well known in the Dr Who community, Louis is the co-host of Doctor Who: PodSHOCK, one of the longest running Dr Who podcasts.
Victor1st Mornington : Co-Owner and general layabout of the Doctor Who Expo (Katrina region), the oldest Dr Who region in Second Life


Prim Perfect is supporting a very full programme of special talks, discussions and TV programmes at the Main Auditorium over the week of the SL8B celebrations. You can see the full line-up here:

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