SL8B Day 6: Virtual Narratives, Virtual Identity, and Virtualism(?)

Our schedule for Saturday 25th JuneToday is all about the virtual as we begin at 2pm by talking about how two very different designers, Fornicola Butuzova and Elle Kirshner –  use implicit narratives to create their homes and furnishings.  At 4pm, today’s Meet the Artist will see Rowan Derryth discussing issues of virtual identity with fourworlds Ra, AKA Botgirl Questi while at 6pm, we’ll be discussing the whole question of what has – sometimes – been identified as virtualism.  But is it?  And what value does realism have in a virtual world? We’ll be attempting to answer that at 6pm!

Meet the Designers: Creating a Narrative
Meet the Designers: Creating a Narrative

2pm Prim Perfect presents: Makers of Magic: The Power of Narrative in Design with Fornicola Butzova of PreFabulous and Elle Kirshner of Second Spaces When we asked designers at the Home and Garden Expo in May what inspired them to create, two of them talked about the power of stories in their work. Fornicola Butuzova starts with light and a story in her mind when she creates a new home; she will have a very clear idea of who lives there (which will have nothing to do with the eventuual owner!).  Elle also has people in mind as she creates some of her scenes … Aunt Mary’s Art Shed, for example – and these have now begin to reference each other. Lean more about this fascinating way of creating at 2pm.

Botgirl: the Artwork

4pm   Prim Perfect Presents Ekphrasis: Virtual Identity – Rowan Derryth talks to fourworlds Ra, AKA Botgirl Questi. Well today we aren’t really going to meet Botgirl Questi– because Botgirl isn’t real. Well, she’s an avatar. But avatars are real, no? But Botgirl is a character – so we’ll meet Botgirl’s artist, fourworlds Ra. Who is an avatar. Wait…

Another layer of Botgirl

Avatar identity is the topic today, and we’ll chat with the artist behind Botgirl, a popular avatar/character who sees his creation as the artwork itself. We’ll consider issues of identity and expression in the virtual environment, and why the ‘real world’ seems so uncomfortable with those of us who ‘embody’ a virtual avatar. Muppets may be involved.

The panel will consider the concept of Virtualism as theorised by Raven Haalan

6pm: Prim Perfect Presents Creating a Community: Virtualism, with Raven Haalan, DB Bailey, Kaya Angel and Rowan Derryth Over a year ago, shortly before SL7B, Raven Haalan published a thoughtful post on the Prim Perfect blog that attracted a lot of attention and comment around the blogsphere. He discussed a concept which he named as “virtualism”, a movement for the metaverse where things didn’t need to depend on the laws of real life physics, and where the only limit to our creativity was our own imaginations. But is this concept valid? Do people want or even need realism in their virtual environments? How does that affect artistic creation and – perhaps even more significantly – the way we live here? We’ll be discussing all this at 6pm this evening with Raven, as well as the art critic and historian Rowan Derryth, the artist and architect DB Bailey who famously works in light, and the owner of the stunning Rose theatre, Kaya Angel, who has created a meticulously realistic environment to house the myriad productions that the Rose Theatre stages.


Prim Perfect has been supporting a very full programme of special talks, discussions and TV programmes at the Main Auditorium over the week of the SL8B celebrations. You can see the full line-up here:

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