Something for the weekend? Isle of Wyrms Festival and Garden of Dreams Anniversary

There are couple of places worth visiting this weekend …

Isle of Wyrms Fall Festival 2011: Celebrating the Steam Dragon
Isle of Wyrms Fall Festival 2011: Celebrating the Steam Dragon

Firstly, the Isle of Wyrms Fall Festival 2011: Celebrating the Steam Dragon is now reaching its climax.  If you have never visited the home of some of the most stunning dragons in Second Life, now is definitely the time to do it!

The Festivals are held four times a year,and raise money for St Tiggwinkles Wildlife Hospital in the UK (world-renowned for its care of hedgehogs – the cute little creatures popular with Darryth Kennedy, creator of the Isle of Wyrms dragons – and with many Isle of Wyrm inhabitants too),  This Festival is unusual in combining elements of dragon lore and steampunk, with displays being mounted on top of giant cogs.  There’s plenty to see and do and, of course, buy – including some of the most stunning steampunk airships that I’ve seen in Second Life.

To give donation look for white St Tiggys jars or Green Flame pots for events fund. All donations will go to St Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital.

Isle of Wyrms Fall Festival 2011: Celebrating the Steam Dragon
Isle of Wyrms Fall Festival 2011: Celebrating the Steam Dragon

The Festival began on Thursday, but will be continuing right through the weekend with a wealth of events:

Games and trains and Rides area – ongoing fun:
Fishing Contests – times to be announced
Sparkly Ball Arena – ongoing fun:
Maze of Doom – ongoing fun:
Keiko’s Archade Game – ongoing fun (Top Scores at end of fest to receive IOW avatar Certificate):

GEAR Hunt – Aug 25th 12:01am – 11:59 pm 28th
(results to be announce 29th or 30th)
C.O.O.K.I.E.S have stolen the gears from the engine of the Secret Council of Wyrm Hatchlings Pirate Airship!  Oh No!  How will we raid for cookies, sheepies and have a party without our pirate airship?
Everyone is invited to help find the gears.  C.O.O.K.I.E.S have spread them far and wide around the Isle of Wyrms.  The Top 5 people to find the most gears will win one of the following prizes:
#1: A Dragon Avatar (or equivalent)
#2: A Wyrmling Gift Certificate (or equivalent)
#3 – #5: Hatchling Gift Certificates (or equivalent)

So happy hunting!

Teh Rulez!
1. Only gears found between the 00:01am on the 25th August 2011 till 23:59  on the 28th August 2011 will be valid.
2. Gears will not be located in private residential properties, above 1000m or below ground level (they can be under water level or in underground caverns or tunnels)
2a.  The exceptions to (2) will be any festival location, any location with a public accessable stargate and Jahdo’s cottage on Hatchie Haven
3. Gears will be laid throughout the duration of the festival
4. Anyone caught stalking or tracking Jahdo when he lays the gears may have their “count” reduced
5. The gears (an example will be shown at the info booth) will always be the same shape, size and texture, but may vary in colour
6. The gears will always be sold for L$0 – any gears being sold for >L$0 should be notified to a guardian
7. Winners will be contacted on or after the 29th August 2011 (be patient I’ll have a bit of data processing to do)
8. Members of the Secret Council of Wyrm Hatchlings may recieve additional hints and clues 😉

Vendor booths Area – ongoing:

Charity Auction area

Isle of Wyrms Fall Festival 2011: Celebrating the Steam Dragon
Isle of Wyrms Fall Festival 2011: Celebrating the Steam Dragon

Saturday August 27th:
12pm  – Thea and The Greenman – Live concert: and
2pm – Steam Powered Festival Ball – DJ Edger:

Sunday August 28th:
12 pm – Close of Charity Auction (results to be announced by the following day)
12:30pm – Ganjo   Mokeev – Live Concert: and
2pm – JaNa KYoMooN – live concert: and
3pm – closing comments and festival end fireworks: :
11:59pm – Gear hunt Closes


Also this weekend, the Garden of Dreams (home to the fabulous Dream Scenes which we visited in an episode of Designing Worlds) will be celebrating its third birthday. The owners, Kayle Matzerath & Kristina Simon, will be celebrating with a party at 1pm SLT on Saturday 27th August on the stage at Garden of Dreams 2.

Garden of Dreams Anniversary
Garden of Dreams Anniversary

They say:

3 years is a looong time for such a project like Garden of Dreams. We started it with shivers of fear if it would be sucessful. If people would love our idea of a romantic garden. If they support it with buying our stuff so we can hold the sims. And yes :)) Now we know you do love it!”

Today we want to celebrate it with a big party on our stage at Garden of dreams 2, starting with a very cool live musician at 1pm Gtm: Torben Asp will rock our Sim with his cool electro music and the fitting light show. Its definitely a must see but maybe you would love to join our party a bit later on. At 3pm we catch the stream and DJ Kristina Simon is going to party with our guests. And we raffle away cool items from our shop meanwhile!

Talking about celebration and cool items: To commemorate the anniversary we released a new dream scene and its 50% off this week! You buy 5 scenes for the price of one with “The Fest”. Its a cool place for any party occasion! Rezzdays, Birthday, Weddings and receptions, a stage for acting or singing : If you buy “The Fest” you have it them all available anytime in your pockets! You can add the scenes to your existing dreamscene-bubble and of course you get them copy and mod to rebuild them for your purposes.

If this sounds good you might love our other Anniversary sale offer:
Our complete set of dreamscenes is reduced! 50 % off for the next week. 31 dreamscenes for half the price. If you ever thought about buying it: Do it now!

And at least we have a nice freebie in our shop. Right at the entrance of our shop you’ll find some cute party balloons for free

Garden of Dreams
Garden of Dreams

Kayle, of course, won the award for Best Designer Sim at this year’s Relay for Life, and elements of this have been incorporated into the main Garden of Dreams site now – uf you go to the party or to pick up some of the speciual offers, it’s definitely worth exploring further!

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