Art News: UWA Challenge and Artists at Burn2

University of Western Australia Challenge

Petite Etude sue Ilivier Messiaen by Artistide Despres (Photo supplied by UWA)
Petite Etude sue Ilivier Messiaen by Artistide Despres (Photo supplied by UWA)

The results for the August Round of the University of Western Australia (UWA) 3D Open Art Challenge have now been announced.

UWA says:
With Artistide Despres tribute to Olivier Messiaen (Petite etude sur Olivier Messiaen) taking the top prize of L$10,000 for the month of August, Artee becomes the only person still in Second Life to have won a UWA monthly challenge back to back!

Excerpts from Realities by Glyph Graves (Photo supplied by UWA)
Excerpts from Realities by Glyph Graves (Photo supplied by UWA)

The biggest winners on the night however in terms of prize money are two stalwarts of virtual arts, Oberon Onmura & Glyph Graves, who between them won 7 awards and L$35,000. Oberon, with ‘The Chasm’ and Glyph with ‘Excerpts from Realities’ took 3 groups awards each, qualifying direct for the Grand Finale.  Oberon also took the 3rd overall prize.

The Chasm by Oberon Onmura (Photo supplied by UWA)
The Chasm by Oberon Onmura (Photo supplied by UWA)

Another champion of old, Eliza Wierwight also gained direct qualification to the Grand Finale by taking the ‘Peace Prize’ and the Curator’s Choice Award, with her Dali & Westwood inspired creation, ‘The Abandoned Daughter’.  The 2nd Overall prize was won by a first timer to the UWA challenges, but a veteran of the art world, Pixels Sideways, who also took the Phi Designs Prize. In the Non-Scripted category, there was a tie yet again with Harter Fall’s ‘Behind Columns’ deadlocked with Cherry Manga’s ‘Birdsong’. Harter also took People’s Choice Award just ahead of Cherry’s other work, ‘Aerie’.

The Abandoned Daughter by Eliza Wierwight (photo supplied by UWA)
The Abandoned Daughter by Eliza Wierwight (photo supplied by UWA)

You can see a full list of prize winners and runners up on the UWA blog.


News from Burn2
And we’ve also received this information from Burn2:

The Art Committee is pleased to announce their list of Invited Artists to display in this year’s Burn2 annual event. These artists were chosen through an intensive selection process which involved a vastly encompassing variety of criteria to determine through concensus those whom we feel best represent a wide sample of creativity, technique, artistic expression, and resourcefulness that best expresses the spirit and values of Burning Man and Burn2.

Claudia222 Jewell

ccc photo 71 by Claudia222 Jewell (photo supplied by the artist)
ccc photo 71 by Claudia222 Jewell (photo supplied by the artist)

Claudia222  makes her fantasy sculpties come alive by using  rich vibrant organic tectures. Her first SL build entitled  “Parallel Worlds” was exhibited on the sim FarStar in January of 2011. She also has shown at Pirats Art Network and has entered her work at the UWA Expositions. Her Art has been seen at  The  Nordan om Jordan  gallery, and also at the SL8B where she built a honey swamp. At the moment she is working on a sky level istallation “mesh mellows”.

Trill Zapatero

GrailQuest by Trill Zapatero (image supplied by Trill Zapatero)
GrailQuest by Trill Zapatero (image supplied by Trill Zapatero)

Welcome to the Fool’s journey to the end of the universe and back., through all the pitfalls and trials of identity and desire, to death and beyond, through the  gauntlet of useless rusty grails offered up by relgion and ideology, through a modernist purgatory, and into the heart and soul of the crumbling grail castle reclaimed by nature and love. all steps along the way leading to the ultimate discovery of the true grail. “A fool if he persists in his folly will become wise.” William Blake
Bio: me- artist maybe, painter, BFA. in Fine Arts from the University of Manitoba, love to travel, draw, paint, make stuff.Canadian, activist with Four Bridges and amnesty international. Curator and Builder of the War and Peace Exhibit at the Howard Zinn Memorial Centre for Socail Consciousness and the Arts as well as the Afghanistan Virtual Museum in SL. Illustrator and co’Author of It’s All Chinese to Me -a culture and ettiquette guide to China’ by Gwen Penner and Pierre Ostrowski: friend, lover, sister, daughter, dog lover, coffee drinker, piano player, book reader, pizza eater…

RAG Randt
RAG is artist Richard A Goldberg. RAG grew up under the influence of Mad Magazine, Warner Brothers cartoons, and the New Yorker Magazine. He creates artwork for publishers, advertisers, and corporations. His style translates concepts into humorous, thought provoking art which enables his client’s  messages to be memorable and effective.

Rebeca Bashly

Rat-thing by Rebecca Bashly (image supplied by Rebecca Bashly)
Rat-thing by Rebecca Bashly (image supplied by Rebecca Bashly)

Serbian artist, almost 4 years in SL. Every single sculpt and texture I use in my work is created by me alone. My most significant work is “SnowCrash” sim on UTSA Artspace, which is a team work with Igor Ballyhoo.
Running thru life we often leave behind precious treasures, and just like that,
We often let them fade away from our memory…
Piles of dusty, old bags keeping all that we once were..

Starlash Sweetwater

trivium by Starlash Sweetwater - supplied by the artist
trivium by Starlash Sweetwater - (image supplied by Starlash Sweetwater)

Starlash Sweetwater was born at the age of 4 to confuse enemy agents. Growing up in the Central Kalahari Desert and later London has left her with a fertile and vivid imagination which fuels her desire to actualise and add a unique perspective to her creations. To date she has had showings of her 2D work at several galleries and has recently started to bring her stories to life with machinima.  Using second life as inspiration she is constantly trying new techniques and mediums to evolve her work.

Oberon Onmura

SynchroniCITY Web
SynchroniCITY Web by Oberon Onmura (image supplied by Oberon Onmura)

Oberon Onmura has been making art in Second Life for over two years. In that time, his unique approach to using opposing forces on physical objects has attracted the attention of blog sites, SL and RL galleries and publications. He has recently become interested in the use of scripted agents (i.e. bots) as artmaking material. His early work with physical objects, “Grid Floaters,” was seen at the “Kiss the Sky” exhibition at the NMC ArtsLab sim, curated by DanCoyote Antonelli. His “Beacon,” a 100-meter tower that constructs and then destroys itself, was selected for inclusion in a national exhibition of virtual and corporeal art – the “@ Exhibition” ( – in association with the Southern California Institute of Architecture and the College Art Association conference in Los Angeles, California (February, 2009).
His recent sim-sized projects, “The Tunguska Event” , “Storm Cells,”  and “Four Galaxies” were seen at the Project Z Gallery. He recently collaborated with Juria Yoshikawa and Dancoyote Antonelli for a SL/RL event with a  jazz club in London, curated by Arahan Claveau. And with Diogenes Wylder (Georgie Roxby-Smith) at the Watermill Center (USA) and Melbourne (AUS). Oberon is currently exploring the creative possibilities of Opensim grids, and is running two simulator servers on his home computer in NYC. His sims, Titania and Elena, are connected to the Craft grid (


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