SL Designers Remix – Act II is here!

SL Designers Remix - Act II: Poster
SL Designers Remix - Act II: Poster

You may recall our telling you about the launch of the SL Designers REMIX back in early July.  Now we are moving to Act II with the promised bi-monthly revamp offering a whole new lovely autumnal feel (well, all right – fall if you’re American!).

As they say:

That magic moment, Indian Summer, falling leaves, the rich colours, and that faded golden glow “1 minute before sunrise”… That’s the new look for this “Act II” setting, and our designers have stepped up to the mark with some wonderful creations!

SL Designers Remix - Act II: Galland Home
SL Designers Remix - Act II: Galland Home

There are two sims with nine home designers, eleven furniture and interior designers, ten Second Life artists and two garden designers. As last time, the fun comes from exploring the synergy between landscape, homes and interiors – with the chance to find some exciting new names, and see some very special creations by old friends.  This time I saw a version of my own home (built by GM Nickolaidis of Homecraft) given a whole new spin by Iris Maskelyne of DIGS!).

What is SL Designers REMIX?
The Designer Remix Experience is a whole new way to shop; home builders mix it up with furniture, decor, and garden designers to create a unique and engaging shopping experience !

SL Designers Remix - Act II: JoHaDeZ interior in L2 Studio Home
SL Designers Remix - Act II: JoHaDeZ interior in L2 Studio Home

Have you ever wandered into a prefab and wondered how you would decorate it, what would fit where, or wondered how others would go about decorating it? Well, that’s exactly what they have done here at the Remix sims. Nine prefab designers have rezzed their new or debut homes and eleven furniture designers have added their own individual flair and decorated with their own furniture. In addition they also have ten artists who have added their art to the walls of each home. Take a look around, feel free to explore and be inspired. There are LM’s and information found on each site.

Visit the REMIX sims
There’s information, landmarks and gifts to be found throughout the sims!

SL Designers Remix blog:

Home: La’ Licious by  Amaliscious Destiny
Interior: Interior Addition by Amelie Carlucci

Home:  Galland Homes by Robert Galland
Interior:  Designer Prims by Elle Crescendo
SLURL: 232/66/22

Home:  Maven Homes by Cain Maven
Interior:  C&D  by Cherelle Capra

Home:  L2 Studio by Lindini2 Lane
Interior:  JoHaDeZ by John2010 Dexler

Home:  Homekraft by GM Nikolaidis
Interior:  DIGS by Iris Maskelyne

Home:  D&M Dream Design by Dolly Baroque
Interior:  Little House Of Curious by Lindsay Pinelli

Home:  Funky Junk by Ulaa Coronet
Interior:  Step Inside by Lany Jun

Home:  ByDeZyne by Huntr Gustafson
Interior:  Natas Design by Natasha Shoteka

Home:  DIGS by Iris Maskelyne
Interior:  Melino Style by Tara Tagore

SL Designers Remix - D&M Dream Design & Maven Homes
SL Designers Remix - D&M Dream Design & Maven Homes

Garden Designers

Second Architecture by Laurence Mapp

UrbanizeD Garden


Aliah Hirano

Blessing Moonwing

Gabrielle Swindlehurst

Jewell Lamourfou

maloe vansant

neom grut

Piedra Lubitsch

sanam Sewell

Scarlet Highfield

Talullah Winterwolf

SL Designers Remix - Act II
SL Designers Remix - Act II

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